I miss you!

I was kind of moody yesterday, I think it was the fact that I started to miss my dog again, like crazy! I’m so used to going over to him, hugging and kissing him when I am a bit moody and frustrated, I realized that I couldn’t do that yesterday when I got a bit upset.

I miss that big ball of fur. I miss his snoring , his drooling, his damn fur swirling around everywhere.


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Guess it’s Christmas!

Hey! Hope you all are well and dandy, ready to celebrate and all! I already started yesterday. Growing up with divorced parents we used to celebrate at 23th and 24th and I guess we just never stopped. So I was at my dad’s yesterday, ate some food, had some cookies, opened some prezzies! We stayed until almost 10, when we decided to go home. It … Continue reading Guess it’s Christmas!

What is love? Lamest title ever written.

This is going to be an incredibly private conversation with myself, but I feel I need to ask myself some questions and see if I can’t come up with some answers. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts as to how a relationship should or shouldn’t’ be. What kind of relationship you ask? Well the private relationship between you and your partner. What should we … Continue reading What is love? Lamest title ever written.