Up, up and away…. Wait, what?

So yet again it’s been ages since last time I wrote something. I’ve been having my ups and downs, I started my antidepressent medicine again, as I had 5 months break or something. But since I had such a downer for a while, the doctor felt it best that I stared it again. I do feel a lot better now that I am on them again, even though I am having some annoying side effects from them.

I have stopped my group-therapy as I did not feel I benefitted from it, the group was not for me. I did try it for a long time though before I decided enough was enough. I mean, when you just feel worse after going, dredding going there, what’s the point then?

I have however applied for therapy not far from where I live, so hopefully I will carry on with some shape or form of therapy.

Also, I have started a new “job”. It’s a new work assessement thingy, I work at (I’ll just directly translate the name) Copy & Graphic. They basically design things, print, make posters, books, booklets etcetc. I don’t do much, I socialise, I cut stuff, glue some stuff, but only been here for a month so, perhaps I get to do more when things gets more busy. Right now, I am actually at work, doing nothing, so I am blogging, shhs…

This blogging hobby hasn’t really been keeping me busy lately, or, it’s the other way around isn’t it, I haven’t really devoted any time to it. I think when I made a second blog I just overwhelmed myself with having 2 blogs and starting a new project – Ancient Mana. I had plans to make that blog just about gaming and starting a new YouTube Channel etc… That didn’t happen, I didn’t really have any heart in it so I just gave up before I even tried.

So question is now, what do I do. I do feel like I want to blog. I think the solution I want to go with is simple.  As I have prepaid a year for Ancientmana.com, I am going to transfere my posts there, onto that blog, and retire this one.

I will just do like I used to do, mix everything into one blog. That way I wont be overwhelmed and I can just carry on writing whatever bullcrap I want to.

So during the next day or two I am going to retire this an move on to Ancient Mana, to make use of what I did pay for.



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