A little cleanup

Hello! I have decided that I need more things to do during my days, since I am feeling kind of shit lately, one of those things should be blogging.

And with that I have decided to create another blog, this blog isn’t going anywhere, but I want to separate the personal from the gaming, hence I made a gaming blog.

It is named Ancient Mana, and my avatar-name for that will differ from this, it will be Lana. Reason for that is, that’s really what I go by in games now, and that is what people I play with call me. And maybe it can be a bit confusing, but that is just how I want it 😛

Ancient Mana was a name suggested to me by Sam (my Guild Leader in WoW, it was his first suggestion and I fell in love with it straight away. I think it looks and sounds good, and it has a small hint to WoW – as there is ancient mana to be found in Legion. But the name does not bind me to WoW so I can write about any game related things I want.

It will still be the same old writing style as I’ve always had, I am not the one for facts and guides, just more the diary and thoughts kinda person.

Anyways, today has gone by, I survived another day. I managed to keep my panic attacks at bay but I was close to losing control. I’ve been pretty depressed and sad, and even though I was suppose to raid tonight, I lasted two bosses and just had to log off.

Thankfully I had the company of Doctor Hannah on Twitter, and we had a nice chat through Twitter and that kept me distracted for a while. And messing around with my new site also helped me, which is what I wanted.

Sam has also kept me company as well pretty much every day, we been playing games, been on disco or talking on phone, so he’s been a huge help for me ❤

I know people do worry about me, just want you to know that I am not alone, and I appreciate the concern 🙂


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