The Gnome went into Alpha.

So apparently I have gotten into Alpha :O

My guildleader poked me yesterday, saying he had gotten into Alpha, and told me to check my launcher as well, and boom, I could actually download it! I wonder how long I have been able to access alpha, cause they don’t actually send out e-mails this time around. And I didn’t think to actually check the launcher, cause…. I didn’t know there was that kinda option there haha. I might have had it for ages :O

Well today I have tried out a few different classes, only on the dummy though. Not done much questing yet.

I’ve tried out the Demon Hunter, which I absolutely love. I love the idea of melee characters but I am always so bad at them. But this one, I think I can be able to actually play. It has a lot of abilites that makes u able to move around fast, which is good for me. I am used to standing at ranged, all comfortable not having to move as much as melee, chasing the bosses and mobs all over to China. But Demon Hunters, they are fast lil buggers, with double jumps, gliding and charging, kinda got some Wildstar feels for a second.  I think they feel more fresh then any other classes have in WoW before which is a step in the right direction.


Actually a lot of the classes do feel more fresh, like the priest, it is indeed a lot different, doesn’t feel as new and fresh as the Demon Hunter though, but I love disc priest. I actually did some quests with it, and I got my artifact. So cool, yes I like this feature a lot. I love the idea of leveling the weapon up, unlocking different skins, empowering my spells that I have – through the weapon. And I am excited to try out a dungeon with it.


I had a go at the shadowpriest too, to my surprise I really enjoyed it. This makes me lean towards maining the priest even more, as it has a dps – spec I enjoy. It looks really cool, might be because I am a lovely gnome, or maybe it’s the animations, who knows?!

I did some quests with my GM and as we were doing our individual artifact quests, his bugged out. He was playing a paladin, and in his instance, his mobs phased in and out, making it impossible to actually finish the quest, so we had to stop there.

So I will have to wait with continuing the alpha, not that I am going to level all the way to 100 I think, as I wanna save some stuff for the actual launch.

But I have had the option to try out a lot of the classes at the dummies in Stormwind and I am liking a lot of them, I like what they have done. Even if some say simplified, I say it’s for the better. And I think, while some specs and classes feel kinda similar to old once, most I have tried have had a little good revamp making them more smooth to play.

Yep that’s it. Just a little blogpost of thoughts from the little session of Alpha-play I had.


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