I shall return…! I shall, OK?

I’m not blogging much these days, nor really paying attention to the community either, I guess that’s not a good thing. I’m not sure how to get into it again either. Maybe I should just try jumping back in, like nothing ever happend?

I’ve been playing a lot of WoW lately, our guild has become stronger and stronger and is very active, sometimes we have had up to 30 members online one evening. This late in the expansion, I think that is a heck of an achievement, esp since it’s a very active guild. Green text is flying, people are doing things together, dungeons, mythics, raids. People ask each other for help and advice and usually there is someone there to answer. I think we are in a good spot before Legion, as we are seing many guilds either go inactive for the time being, or just dying off. And our guild keeps getting members at a good steady rate, and we are still getting more then enough people signed up for raids, at one point we even had 20 signed up for one raid.


I’ve been keeping busy with my holy paladin in raids, doing quite good as well. Or perhaps my class is just being straight out damn op, I am not sure. I’ve been finding her mogs and doing the mythic dungeons each week. She is now almost fully heroic geared, class trinket, 4 set bonus etc, only missing a few items. But as for transmog, I felt, she needed something different then the typical holy pala look 😛


But between raids, I have been yet again…… testing out classes for the next expansion. As I have looked at some videos and read up a lot of stuff on the different healers for Legion, I don’t think paladin will be for me. So I have been trying to get a feel for the other healers, I have tried them all!

While some say that would be no point, cause a lot of things are changing, some are not changing as much as the disc priest. For months now I have been going back and forth as to what on earth to play, but when I saw a Disc priest video for Legion a few days ago, how that worked, I instantly fell in love. And THAT is what I am going to play.



So a 2-3 days ago, I picked up my tiny priest again, getting a feel for the atonement again, even if the spec will change, I wanna make her ready for the expansion. Getting different transmogs, doing pug raids, mythic dungeons and I am going to level her professions, which is going to be a long drag as I chose enchanter and tailor for her. It’s just two professions I’ve always had for my priests and OFC I am going that route yet again!


To my surprise, I’ve gotten really into the priest, it’s been a while since I’ve been eager to play a class. I find this as a surprise because for a long time now I have absolutely hated the way the discpriest felt. But I quite enjoy it now, but certainly looking forward to the prepatch for legion so I can try out the new and upgraded disco. Some will loathe the new spec, and some will love it. I for one, am pretty sure I’ll fall deeply in love (lol cheeeese).

Anyways, I’m farming in WoW, doing endless in proving grounds etc and I’m weird and go to Final Fantasy music 😛 I know most ppl don’t listen / watch videos from blogs, and I don’t care, one of my nerdgasm songs.

A favorite (all three songs I am linking if from same video, but at different points in it.)

Another one –

Heck, have the whole shiz –

Anways, I’m off. I might start blogging more again, I hope.



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