Almost there..?!

So I’m sitting in my sofa, listening to music. Just folded some clothes, gone over the floors, so no dust in sight. Kitchen is clean, everything is clean! I’ve packed out most of my things, except two bags that are full of dirty clothes. Even got the paintings on the wall now!

I can’t believe how content I feel, good or whatever I should say, about having things so tidy, everything in it’s place, no dirty dishes, things being spotless.

I’m settling in and it’s for me now quite homie. I’ve had a few nice days in a row now, which brings me a lot of hope for the future. I am even sitting here, without the TV on (which is always on for company)

I only got a few things left to sort, contract for apartment will be signed in the next couple of days, I still got to apply for some help with payment of rent. But other then that, I’m pretty close to being done! Imagine that.

Sun was shining today, so after the work-assessment my brother picked me up and I went for coffee at their place.

Sooool πŸ™‚

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And even if there is a shit ton of snow still, I thought it was about time to get some higher healed shoes out again, to feel a bit… more girly?! πŸ˜› Spring you are very welcomed to come now, thanks!


So funny thing happened today, well I think anyways.Β I went to get a bus-card today at a kiosk, there were two gentlemen behind the counter, quite younger then me, but they both seemed eager to help me out, both were smiling to me. The gentleman that managed to “pick me up” first got me sorted with the card. He asked me my age and I said 30 (had to ask to figure out if I needed a student card or adult card). And the other man stood there looking at me, gaping, mouth wide open for a good 5 seconds, and I looked at him, cause I was wondering why on earth he was staring and gaping! Suddenly he managed to say something, and he said, you look a lot younger then that, then he went quiet for a second and managed to say. well it’s just a number! And they both stood there smiling, and we all exchanged a few words.

At the end I finally got my card and could go out of the store with a smile upon my face. I am not always good at picking up signals from the other gender, but today I think I actually did πŸ˜› So it was a fun experience for a newly single chick!


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Here is for more nice days ahead !

Love, Missy.


8 thoughts on “Almost there..?!

  1. Had to come through with another comment. It’s go you are settling in and claiming your space.
    In regards to looking young no one ever believes me when I tell them either…like they can’t believe I have an 18yo lol.
    But I am proud of you keeps up the good works….Hugs πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Oh damn, yeah I was sure you were like, 25 or so. Oops.

    Those boots look sooooo comfy and appropriate for snow!

    You did it! You moved in! Now to recharge for a little while and then you can tackle the next challenge. πŸ™‚

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