Settling in

So I have moved in! Still haven’t unpacked everything, but unpacked what I need to actually live here 😛

First night went very well, I had some company on Skype most of the night which helped tremendously.

Kose sæ helt alene!!

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The second evening and night, I did not skype with anyone. I was in tears, panic, headache from hell, shakes, and generally feeling really sick. Felt like I had to vomit most of the day, but I couldn’t. My eyes are so swollen from all them tears heh.


I’m not even sure why I was in such a panic mode, I think I am tired. I am scared of being alone, scared that I messed up. I think all these emotions are coming now, because I am actually here, in the apartment, starting a new chapter, it is real and it’s here.

But at least I got a long sleep. I took anxiety medicine which also works as sleeping pills, so they helped in the end. I think I should make use of them more as sitting here panicking and crying alone isn’t really healthy either.

I know this is going to take some time, to adjust. I know it will get better too. There are probably tons of things to look forward too.

I haven’t played WoW in forever now, perhaps it’s time to get into it again, to have something to do, to have people online, maybe chat a bit might help.

Mom’s visiting today and going to help me hang up some pictures and stuff, guess it will be nice to have my first visitors. And perhaps I’ll gain some energy to make a short vlog, show the apartment, and just do something to keep myself busy. First step is to set up my stationary pc though, I got no desk so no idea where I’m gonna set it up.

Well time to watch some skies on the TV, yes skies. It makes me feel at home, grown up with it on TV 🙂 And perhaps try and get a sandwich or two into my belly.


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