Moving soon…

It’s been a month since last therapy session, but I got back today. I am still on a waiting list for my next group, and he could not give me a date as for when I would start a group. Which is okay by me, most important thing is that I get into the right group, I don’t mind the wait. I have the offer of just making a phone-call and get an appointment whenever I need, while waiting for the group.

It was good to be back, I got to vent out some concerns I have about the work assessment thing. I feel 4 days a week for me is a bit to hard start, especially since I am going through the move. I could use some more stability before I venture out into the world 4 days a week.

He told me to take it up with my contact at the assessment thing, and be honest. If that didn’t work, I could get some help from the therapy place to come up with an agreement.The important thing was to try, try to take space, try to stand up for myself and make things as clear as possible.


First of I am going to ask if I can start 2 days, then when I feel ready for it, go 3 days and then at the end all four days. If they can’t accept that, I just have to get some help, to make it happen. Last thing I want right now is taking steps backwards after I have worked so hard to get to where I am now.

Then I will have to try and push them a bit to give me more information about what will happen after these 2 months, so I know what’s going to happen, and have a plan. Therapist thought that would be a good idea for me, to know the path ahead.

Also made a plan for the move. Pack all my stuff on Wednesday, then move in on Friday! A plan is in order, and that makes me less stressed out, and it might help me to actually do what I need to do. I changed address today as well, will take four days for it to take affect, just in time for my move πŸ™‚ Even ordered a name-tag for my mailbox! Woo go me fixing things!

Tomorrow will be one of those work assessment meetings again, god knows what’s gonna happen there, I have no idea! Wish me luck ❀

Good Night – Good Day, whatever it is where ever you are^^



3 thoughts on “Moving soon…

  1. Such excite! With the assessment people, just remember that the worst they can do is say no, so you can’t lose anything by standing up for yourself. Also, if you do get too overwhelmed by suddenly doing 4 days a week, then if you need to renegotiate or get recommendations form your therapist about it, you have a record of warning them already. Cover your arse! πŸ˜‰


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