Back into gaming

I have been venturing back into FFXIV for a bit, just for some casual leveling. I started from scratch, and just have some fun with questing, dungeons and screenshots obviously, we all know I love those.

I did start as a miqote, cause I do love the look I have made for that race…

started as miqote

But after some playing I decided it was time to try someone else for a change, and I went for the standard human! Her name is Lana Boo. Heh..

Lana boo

I’ve managed to get to level 32 and opened up my White Mage, but considering changing to Scholar. I like both of them, but I kind of enjoy the safety of having absorbs in my heals, means less spikes in the damage taken. Not that is matters, can level everything if I want to.

I have been playing a bit with a friend, and I think that adds some bonus on the experience as we have had a hard time keeping up with the main quest, we are always behind it in terms of the level.

Oni Lana

It’s been fun anyways, and I will keep playing it for a while, even if I have to spend a bit more time in WoW when I move my ass to my apartment. Thing is with WoW is that, even if I enjoy raiding, being an officer etc, I just don’t know what to play if I am going to continue raiding. I’ve enjoyed my mage for a long time now, but at current time, I have no interest in it. There are no healing spots free either, but I am not even sure I’d have fun healing now. No chance in hell I’d ever tank raids, not that there are spots. Perhaps I need to stop raiding for a while until the patch come with the new specs that are going to be used in Legion, to figure out what I shall continue to play. There is also the issue of having to catch up in terms of gear as the guild is doing heroic raids. And none of my characters are up to date now, since I have been away for some time, and only mage that is close to being able to join HC raids.


Anyways, blablabla, totally interesting.

Missy aka Lana


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