The Place!!

I got the keys to the apartment yesterday! Yeahh… I had them in my hands, and felt a sense of pride locking that door with my own keys yesterday.

The people  I rent from had bought new curtains for me in the bedroom, bought tons of flowers and put around the apartment and things. That was seriously a nice gesture, and it made me feel really welcomed into the apartment, it means a lot.

Kitchen – duh

I’ve moved in  lot of things already, I got my bed in place, tons of flowers/plants, kitchen appliances, pictures and decorative items. I haven’t put the items in place yet, but I did take everything out of the boxes, so I need to just sort everything.


Also need (still) get my ass to Eirik’s and get all that done.

But I can say I got really excited to move in when I finally got some items in, talking to the landlord etc. Don’t feel scared at all.

Beside kitchen
Love the windows ❤ Sun going to shine in!

The apartment came with some furniture which is good, as I hardly own anything. But I am looking forward to saving my own money to buy my own shelves and get my own sofa ❤ But very thankful they are lending me one for now.


I guess that’s the place 🙂 I’ll give you another similar post when I have moved in properly. I have a lot of paintings, some lamps, decorations and a shit-ton of candles to put in their correct places 😛 But thought it would be nice to share where I am going to live.




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