Sparkle more

It’s Wednesday night, bored as can be. But that’s okay, better to be bored then ever other negative feels 😛

Day has been uneventful. Went to doc with bro’s fiance cause she has the flu. Then we went and bought the first stuff for my apartment. Since my wallet is pretty dried out , I just settled for a few pictures.



While I am usually not into pictures with motto’s, I thought it was a fitting start. Having something to read each day when I get up. Reminding myself of how far I’ve come.

So yeah, I’m on my way 😀 And I’ve started to plan ahead, small steps.

Go me. I’m excited to decorate and make it my own. An unfamiliar feeling, but yet nice ❤

My gaming hobby is going kinda slow, or rather it’s not there atm. Mostly cause the net here is horrible, but also cause I don’t feel like gaming. I am looking forward to being able to upload videos again, and thinking I should try learning my damn keyboard. I do love music, love the piano. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn. And now that I will have a lot of alone time, maybe it’s time?

Everyone in my family plays something, while I don’t. I will try to pick up the pen again too, and try drawing. Cause that’s a very rewarding hobby. But I think music will give me even more. Maybe one day I will have the guts to take piano lessons. It’s a dream… And I never have dreams, so this is one of the first one I hope I can dive into!



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