Apartment hunting continues..

My apartment hunting continues. I have sent several emails now, gotten a response on one, yay and I might be able to go look at that.

I also made a post up on Facebook on a page that’s about apartment-renting and renting out apartments. Which I did get a promising respond too. It was not in the area I was thinking, but the rent is 7k with electricity, water and everything, fully furnished, approximately 50m2 which is actually kinda big, I was not expecting to get anything bigger then 30m2 so this is a huge plus. This means I will have to change social services office etc, to an office with people I don’t know etc, but if I get a roof over my head it will be worth it and I think things will work out.

I was suppose to move all my things today, but people are in sickmode around the house, fever and influenza so I put the move on hold till after weekend when people feel better and maybe I have been able to look at this apartment too.

I haven’t seen any pictures of it, but at this point, I will take just about anything as long as I can afford it, it has a store close by and buses available.

This whole thing is just weird for me, talking to strangers here and there, getting sms’s and whatnot, I’m not to fond of this process, I can get super anxious by just having my phone go beep. And feel like burying my head under the covers, but that won’t solve anything, I just gotta sit through the bad feelings in my stomach and head, cause in the end, they will not hurt me, just distract me if I let em.

But I guess, once I’ve gotten through this, it’s one more thing I have gotten through and can cross of my list as something I can do! I’ll look forward to that moment really.


5 thoughts on “Apartment hunting continues..

  1. Ugh, I know what you mean about the sms from strangers. I am a little better with it now, but my first instinct is still to hide. There was a time when I wouldn’t answer any number that I didn’t immediately recognise.

    Go you! Even if the apartment is not suitable or you don’t get it, you’ve made progress by just looking at it! There will be others. Good hunting!

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  2. Best of luck. I can relate with the SMS. When I get a sms, email or voicemail from someone not close to me, I have to get myself mentally prepared. A sort of mental battle stance, in a way.


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