On the right track!

Hola Amigos, been a while!

Nothing exciting to report really, hence the quietness. I’ve had mostly good days, a few bad once where I’ve isolated myself in my room, but to be expected.

Just came home from visiting my mother. Aaaaaaand, I took a little peak at the scales and happy to report I have gained 3kg’s in just over 2 weeks! Since I only weighed 40 kg’s, that is actually quite a lot šŸ˜€ And really happy about it. Means things are going in the right direction yeah!? Wooo! I’m getting phaaat šŸ˜›

Me and my bro, see the resemblance?

Therapy is going well, same old same. 4th of February will be my last day in intensive therapy, and I will have a small break until the next group begins, with the possibility for individual sessions.

Apparently that will only be one session a week, but the surprise was that it could last up to 2 years. But it’s possible to have work-training / work-practices / work experience on the side, which is good. Just gotta make sure I don’t bite over more then I can chew, so hopefully I can “demand” that things go a bit slow! I feel confident enough in my self that I can make some demands and stand up for myself to get what I need now, and it feels pretty nice I must admit.

My views on my self is changing each day, I feel I am a more like-able person then I have thought before. Apparently I have been a person that people have liked, but it’s nice to finally take compliments and nice words from people around me. I take praise, more often then not and I take them to heart. It feels very nice to actually like myself and not thinking I am self absorbed. Perhaps some people will think so, but that’s their own views on shit, not mine and I am allowed to have my own views so, fuck it.

I treated myself with a lot of new clothes, some nice, cute and sexy underwear (ohyeaaah), so I have spent some money on myself, and I am quite happy about that! And I think it’s a nice start, to do a tiny “make-over” as I move into a new chapter of my life. And it’s also nice to feel Ā a bit better about how I look, some new lingerie can do wonders ā¤

Other then that I have nothing else to write heh. Have a nice day ā¤

Missy aka Lana for some šŸ˜›


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