I miss you!

I was kind of moody yesterday, I think it was the fact that I started to miss my dog again, like crazy! I’m so used to going over to him, hugging and kissing him when I am a bit moody and frustrated, I realized that I couldn’t do that yesterday when I got a bit upset.

I miss that big ball of fur. I miss his snoring , his drooling, his damn fur swirling around everywhere.


I miss his smell and warmth, his adorable paws. I miss his wagging tail, his big brown eyes. I miss his whimpers and even nervous running around when Eirik is at the store.

krysser bena

I miss watching him standing in the window, looking out at the birds. I miss him sitting in the middle of the living-room, staring at the ceiling, cause he could hear his “grandma” walking around.


I miss his welcomes when I walk in the door.

I miss his cold nose when he gives me a nose kiss.


I miss him pushing his bowl of food around the house cause he wants to rearrange the food so he wouldn’t get food in his face when eating.

I miss him spilling water all over the living-room cause he pushed his food towards his water-bowl and spilled.

I miss his growling noise for when he wanted a walk.

I miss him lying on the sofa holding his bone and chewing and making loud eating noises.


I miss his wrinkled face.

I miss his incredibly weird actions, like sitting like a weirdo.


And sleeping like a person.


sover på pute

I miss you baby Nemo!



Yeah, that kinda broke me down…. But I guess I have to mourn a bit, part of the process.



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