The Unknown

Well Well Well…. I slept for 12-13 hours last night/day lol. That’s going a bit overboard.

Yesterday was one of the longest days in my life, I don’t know why, but it just went on and on, and I just had trouble finding things to do to make time pass. But I managed to stay up till around 1 and I slept till 13.30 😀 Yeah that’s way to much….

I got a response to that apartment today. And apparently it doesn’t fit me, because they are fixing up the rest of the house, and it’s going to be very noisy. Seems the wanted someone who would only be at home in the weekends. Which is odd they did not say that in the first place. Oh well, that’s cool.

Been looking at more apartments today, and I am hating it. I HATE IT. I don’t enjoy it at all, I just get lost and anxious. Having to do this on my own, I don’t understand why it disturb me as much. It’s just an easy thing. look at pictures, send a mail or make a phone-call, look at the place and decide. Must be the unknown. I have no idea if I can afford it in the long run. I guess I just gotta sort the deposit first, THEN worry about the next step. Yes, that’s a plan, that’s what I gotta do! COOL, thank you blog!

Guess I am just starting to stress a bit, I haven’t picked up all my things from Eirik’s apartment either cause the car hasn’t been working. And I’m feeling I should have done more, or gotten further with this “adventure”. I stress and worry to much. It’s not like i’m going to get kicked out of my bro’s house straight away. I’ve only been here for like a week? Yeah, it’s only been a week, I shouldn’t start feeling bad already. I am sure they knew it would take some time…

I should allow myself some time to “grief” but I haven’t done so, so far. I worry to much about everything that is suppose to happen rather then thinking, yeah I can take a little time off before I jump straight in, right?

I mean, a normal person would take a few moments… Wouldn’t they? One week of “recovery” isn’t really long.. Yeh, trying to convince myself 😛 Not sure if it’s working.

The unknown, it’s the most scary thing of all, for me it’s a nightmare. Gimme routines please, GIVE THEM TO MEEE!!!

Meh, I need coffee…



6 thoughts on “The Unknown

  1. Don’t fear the unknown,
    Make everyday your own.
    As Fear itself can be tamed,
    And on life’s long road failures will be made.
    Will you wake up every morning,
    Taking on an adventure or moaning?
    Choose to become what you want to be,
    And if you fall, get back up, show yourself who you can be.
    Trials and errors,
    But within you a lioness roars.
    So, remember how far you came,
    Life is ever changing, never the same. ❤

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