Dem Cuddles



Today, I have done absolutely nothing again!! Well, I was at the liquor-store 😛 I bought myself a bottle of white wine, nomnom. Riesling something. And I bet it’s very nice. I predict I will be a bit tipsy for tonight’s social raid run. And I don’t care 😛


My brother and his fiance wanted to get some red whine, so well, then I wanted some too 😛

Most of the day has been spent on watching cartoons on tv as that is what the kids watch…The youngest has warmed up to me, and he sat in my arms today and cuddled as he watched the tv. Aww it’s so cute, and I love the cuddles. Makes me think that I’d love to have my own kids one day, even if it’s a lot of work. Yesterday they both came into my bedroom for some goodnight cuddles, so I cuddle and smootched on them ❤

He has been running around measuring stuff all day 😛 Mostly in front of the TV!!

And my moods been pretty good, except that I heard from Eirik today and he said Nemo has been getting these lumps on his face again :/ That’s frustrating, cause I can’t help Nemo at all. But I gave him some tips on what he could do, and hopefully some of the things I said will help.

I have not gotten a response to the apartment I mailed about, so guess it’s actually already taken. I kind of figured I wouldn’t get it anyways, but it was worth a try. I will continue the hunt tomorrow or Sunday. Today I really don’t fancy thinking to much about it.

While times ahead are scary, I do see some excitement in things, which I think is a very positive thing ❤ There are things I am looking forward to, so that must mean I am on the right track??

Anyways, guess I have to go drink ma coffee, there is a lot of coffee drinking around here. If you don’t have a cup, something is seriously wrong 😛

Have a nice weekend ❤




8 thoughts on “Dem Cuddles

  1. Disappointing about the apartment but hopefully you will find another that you like even more.
    Having things to look forward to (no matter how small or silly) is great to help move towards a bigger goal.

    Hope you have a good weekend and a fun night tipsy raiding 😀

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  2. All the hugs!

    we are waiting to see if our lease here has been extended, normally we know before xmas and well its after that now – would be really sucky to have to move but I’m sure we can find some positive in whatever happens.

    Good lucks with the hunting, hope u find something awesome 😀


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