The lazy sofa Sunday!

Last night I had a moment of calm, before I went to sleep. It was…. different?

I had a really nice sleep last night, changing beds, it helped. Well, I don’t actually have a bed, it’s only a mattress but that is fine, as long as I don’t feel like i’m sleeping on a wooden floor it’s all good.

I awoke up around 10, from getting a msg on my phone,  was about time to wake up anyways, I had gotten all the sleep I needed.

I got up after a while, and looked out the window. Snow is storming down and the kids were outside my window, in the garden. The youngest one, he’s a real funny dude.. first thing he said was : “Ohh it’s such good skiing conditions…” He’s like 4 years old…  The grownup sentences that comes out of him is amazing. One time he came out of the kitchen with a plate in his hand, after gotten some food from his mom. He held out the plate with one arm and said “voilà”, haha the image..

The day has been spent sitting on the sofa, just browsing my computer. And sometimes the youngest nephew, just comes to the livingroom, hugging his mother gently and they talk really soft to each other. It is really adorable, and it makes me smile a lot.  I know having kids is a lot of hard work, but when you get those moments, it must make things really worth it, don’t you think? Making my heart soft anyways. And I’ve gotten a cuddle myself as well 😀 And the youngest played with my hair while watching TV, it’s so adorable, he does these things without noticing himself. Seems the kids adapt a lot faster then me,  they are getting used to me being here already. But I am adapting myself too, my loud burps are already in place, means I am comfortable 😛

We were lazy and got some junk food, well I had a salad, I need to gain weight anyways so I don’t care 😛

I’ve been very relaxed today, it’s very nice. It’s Monday tomorrow though so I am now feeling that lil anxiety creeping in, just cause the real world will start again tomorrow. Therapy and lots of things to get in order. I just got to keep reminding myself to do one thing at a time, nothing needs to be rushed. Don’t bite over more then I can chew, and it will all be okay. Right? Right!!!

Guild has a progression run tonight, and I will try to be there, hopefully my latency will hold up enough so I can take part in killing Iskar HC as we have not killed it yet!!!!! Go Singularity, woopwoop!!!

Ill talk to you tomorrow, just wanted to write a short update for myself, cause I know I will be reading this one time next year, to see how I actually coped during this time. I am almost sure that I am going to blank out some of it…I tend to forget things when a lot is going on, although that is probably pretty normal.


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