The first day, of the rest of my life.

First night at my bro went very well I guess. They had sent their two boys away to their grandparents, so it was very quiet here.

We watched some TV, had some food and relaxed.

Later in the evening we had some beers and ciders, not that I had planned that, but I guess they wanted to make use of their night off from the kids and relax a bit themselves as well πŸ˜›

So we found a few quiz books and we just chatted and quizzed each other with random questions. It was actually very nice.


I got a bit more tipsy then planned, but what the hell, who cares ❀

I only got a few hours of sleep though, mostly cause the bed was super tiny haha, and I crashed my arms and legs into the wall and bed. Ye, it’s a children’s bed , we won’t be able to change bed until Monday so it will just have to do πŸ˜› And the mattress was rock hard!

But all in all I guess I am feeling okay, I wont go as far to say I am fine, but I will live!! I have my moments of sadness, but I keep myself busy.

The day has been spent watching ski’s on TV… Typical Norwegian thing to do πŸ˜›


And now my brother is currently picking up the kids, so I guess there will soon be some noise in the house again πŸ˜› Two boys running around, sitting on top of me, playing games and wanting to do this and that πŸ˜› But I am sure it will go fine, I’m sure my bro will actually tell em to do other things then hang on top of me πŸ˜›

Unfortunately the internet here is pretty bad so I can’t really play much which sucks butt, means I can’t talk much to my guildies and such -.- And I’m gonna miss em a looot. Just cause they have been real important to me while I have been going through all the bad times I’ve had lately. I hope I can get in a night or two with some playtime though…

Some Β time has passed since I started my post and we just had dinner, I had a healthy portion, hell yeah!!! Go me! GIMME DEM POUNDS BACK! It’s really nice to start feeling sort of full again in my tummy.

We also got a visitor, Elliot, moms puppy πŸ˜€ It’s nice to see him again, even if I did say goodbye yesterday πŸ˜› Guess it’s nice with the familiarity, cause I have been having him around me a whole week. So it kinda makes me happy having him here, even if just for a few hours.

And now the tellie is stuck with Mario Kart on πŸ˜› Guess I gotta get used to that as well^^


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