The pampering begins…

So not going to say much about how I am feeling and what not, but I am at my mothers now, I came here yesterday!

So far I have done nothing, I’ve eaten candy and been lying in bed with laptop on my lap browsing youtube and being taken care of. So that is very nice 😀

The days are silent but I have moms lil puppy Elliot to keep me company, he is only 3 months old or so, so he is very active. And he loves to cuddle.


He’s certainly a “lapdog” he wants to be on my lap all the time ❤ It makes my time a bit easier, cause I miss Nemo a lot. I have never been away from him so it’s very hard and thinking about it makes me sad. But, I know he is well, and taken good care of by his dad. Still, it was quiet last night when there was not a huge dog lying on my feet.

Today I will feast, eat a shit ton of food, I had a proper breakfast and I will make the most out of it and shuv tons of food in my face. I am gonna get that weight back.

Maybe I will relax tonight with a glass of wine and just relax.

I only got a few hours of sleep, but I hope I will get some more as the days go. I am starting to relax a bit, the knot in my stomach is getting a bit smaller, and that is good.

I’m pampering myself, and being pampered and it’s nice. And I think it’s needed and actually well deserved.

I did bother to get out of bed, and take the longest shower of my life! Even putting my face on and do my hair, to make myself feel better. And it did ❤ The miracles of some makeup!WIN_20160102_155738


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