Good Night!

Late night blog, as I can’t sleep, I can at least write šŸ˜€

Today, I have felt a bit better thankfully. Not been up to much, I don’t think I got out of bed until after 12 but ey, I got up and took a shower šŸ˜› That’s something right ^^

Couldn’t be arsed making dinner yet again, so we ordered pizza and I had a calzone, which tasted like butt!

Excuse the picture, I’m in bed ok, trying to show you how the calzone tasted šŸ˜›

I could have made a 10 times better one then that nasty crap, yuck, I tried eating some of it though, forcing the food into my mouth… BAH I hope I soon can enjoy the food again. I don’t get why it’s so hard to eat food….!!!!

Spent most of my day on the sofa I think, watching some Yogscast stuff, a live stream with ScottishGeeks and DangerGerbil šŸ˜€ Some nice lad’s I have gotten to know with my Youtube adventures.

Then I spent a lot of my evening in WoW, doing some random stuffs. Not that exciting I know. But the people there keep me company ā¤ Which is really nice and comforting. Even if they sit on my face…*looks at Mr. Onion*


The guild has had a raiding break during Christmas, but tomorrow we will raid again, and I am really looking forward to it. I hope we kill Archimonde tomorrow, would be so sweeeeet, and I know a lot of people are itching to get that boss doooown!!

Other then that I spent the night exploring The Burning Crusade, yet again, for achievements, on my storebought mount šŸ˜› Yes, I bought it, so what.


Yesterday I found myself very bored, and grabbed my tablet and decided to dabble a bit. I’m not very happy with it, my hands are very shaky these days, probably cause I am tired. But it kept me entertained for a while.


Doubt I’ll color it in, maybe I’ll try to fix it instead, we will see. Either that, or she will just sit there in a green ish color and smile. Oh ye this is Iceflake, my mage which I usually play.


Guess that’s it for today.

Thank you šŸ˜€



5 thoughts on “Good Night!

  1. 5.45 am and am a wake after 4 hours not great sleep so we got something in common there, at least nobody here to wake up, glad the game is at least bringing so joy into your life for me it’s bringing me down again think might be soon time for another 11 month break, I hope everything else soon sorts it’s self out and the new year is a happy new start for you.
    Hugs beer


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