I was a kid once too…

So the 2nd Christmas day is “over”. I have been at my moms for dinner, together with my oldest brother, his girlfriend and her children and my niece.

meg og marthine
My niece (17) and me ❤ She’s the cutest girl in the world.

I think it was the first evening I actually relaxed, phew! I guess cause it’s at my moms and I usually relax there.

We had Beef Stroganoff for dinner, not sure if that is the english word for it, but it’s basically beef, shrooms, onions and a brown sauce/gravy with rice. While I usually don’t like it, moms stew was very yummy and I had a big portion 😀 Go Me!!!!!

While I was there, I thought “hey, why not find a picture of me as a kid to share on my blog”, easier said then done, as all our photos got destroyed in the fire when our house burned down. But she did have 2 photos, yay!

So here is number one, look at them chubby legs 😀 Dem clothes… DAT HAIR ❤

Tine as a kid

Hehehe, I look like a boy! ZOOOM!! Sorry about the blurryness, but ye photo of a photo.

dat face

I guess this next photo is my favorite, and moms, she took it herself, and it’s a really good photo, shame you can’t see the original!

deep in thoughtAs you can see, I have always been stuck in deep thoughts, already back then, I was scared of everything. Probably thinking of my haircut, damn!! 😛

So that was how I looked like as a kid 😛 Proof that I am a natural blonde ey ^^,

We ended the evening with coffee, cookies (or biscuits?) chocolate and candy 😛

Things you typically get with the coffee at Christmas time in Norway!

I guess that’s it! Don’t know what I will do for the rest of the evening, perhaps play some WoW or watch a movie, time will tell.

Tomorrow it’s dinner AGAAAAAIN at Eirik’s dad. Wonder what nice foods we will get then, maybe some elk, mmmmm……

Right, I’m outta here!




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