Dem Bangs

So I am going out and doing the rest of the X-mas shopping today, yippi. NOT, I used to love going out buying gifts for others, finding something that would make others happy. But I guess I lost a bit of that HOHOHO feels for the time being. Maybe next year 😀 YES, next year. It’s a date!

I’ve been thinking of getting a hair cut again, for the last year I have been running around with my “bob” haircut and been pretty happy with it. And think I will continue with it. But also been thinking if I should get back dem old bangs I had. That way I can hide my humongous forehead 😛

Let’s compare!!

Here is a tired me, in the summer, yes I haven’t put on my face so sod off 😛

tired me

And here is me a few years ago, with my freshly cut bangs!


The good thing about having bangs is that I can have a ponytail. I hate having ponytail without it, I look like a creep 😛

Now help me make this matter of LIFE AND DEATH decision.

That was a quick post, but you know, sometimes we don’t have to go all deep and cheesy 😛


Have a nice day!



16 thoughts on “Dem Bangs

      1. I can only see the first photo, other once blocked, but I think she looks cute! I think bangs helps frame the face, but we all see it differently ^^


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