A Christmas cup!

Oh man Oh man, the roads today are just ice.. It’s raining like mad, but it’s below zero and it’s freezing instantly. I think we used 3 times longer to get to therapy today then usual. Buses are having issues, some have ended up sideways on the roads, sliding everywhere. Even in Norway this is kinda bad πŸ˜›

It was the last day in therapy this year, normally I would be so happy to get a “vacation” but not from this. I am dreading having two weeks without the group, I am going to miss it, miss the comfort and safe space.

But it will give me time to think and digest about recent conversations and thoughts I have been given from the last group sessions.

Due to the horrible roads today, we were only 2 people in group again. And when we are only 2, the time the meeting is going to last will be reduced. But not today! Therapists thought we were talking so well, and about topics that’s important that we actually spent the whole session anyways. Being only two I don’t think that is that normal, but it’s nice we got some extra time, when it was needed.

On Thursday’s there are no topics in therapy, we speak our mind about whatever issues we might have, which is why I am not going to share anything, the topic’s too private for me to share, and since we also were only two, I have to be careful about sharing anything.

What I can share, is that at the end of the session, the other person in the group had brought a present for us all. I don’t know why, but that moved me to tears. I just got really emotional about it all. I just thought it wasΒ the sweetest thing ever.

I’m not gonna lie, I opened it when I got home πŸ˜› He did say I could open it whenever I wanted soooooo πŸ˜›

I am now the proud owner of my very own Christmas tea/coffee cup ❀


I also got a lil chocolate, but yeah, that lasted exactly one second πŸ˜› I love chocolate! I didn’t have a proper Christmas cup actually, so this will be a very much used cup! So thank you, I know this blog won’t be read by the person who gave us the gifts but, I felt I wanted to write it anyways πŸ™‚

Now let’s just hope I can manage 2 weeks without my group, I may have to use the blog a bit more to stay sane.


5 thoughts on “A Christmas cup!

    1. Riiight…Grim and Yasy, did not get kicked, they/you left…
      And if you are Yasy Mr Someone, I am sorry that you believe everything Grim has been feeding you, all the lies he is spreading and untruths. One day you will see the flaws in everything he has said. I have busted him in many lies as I have heard all the different stories he has been telling everywhere on the server.

      He doesn’t realize that people actually know each other in other guilds and that words get around^^

      Grim is a pathological liar.

      Oh and wishing on someone mental illness where people actually think about suicide, is pretty disturbing, over an avatar in game, in a guild.

      I wish you luck with getting some common sense, and be more careful as too who you want to trust, listen to and believe.

      Now, get the fuck out of my blog.

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