A cup of coffee?

Ohh, we have been to the forest today. Someone had the brilliant idea of going out and making coffee, just to do something.

I think it was mostly cause he wanted to try out his “stove” thing, to make fire with. But ey, I gotta say yes sometimes to do outdoorsy things 😛

While the snow hasn’t set, at least there is frost on the ground, and a little fun fact – My name is Tine, when you directly translate it to English it means Defrost, yep now you now that!

Frost on a rock!


Our walk was pretty short, but I managed to snap some photos and I did record some video, I might just use it in a vlog soon as I have a little urge to make some videos again. Only short videos once a week or every other week. Just to make it a fun activity not a job.

random rock wall!

Have some rocks! We sat down by a little rock fence or wall, I’m not sure what to call it, but I thought it was very beautiful, I really enjoy the older things. The time of the vikings and old wooden houses, and of course, this rocky wall!

While we were making coffee, this random fellah just walked through the field, he came out of nowhere, was very strange, and I don’t even know why I mention it, maybe cause I am strange too? It was funny non the less cause Eirik was sort of yelling angrily at a wooden stick 😛 I think we freaked the poor man out!


In the woods 13.12.15

Well, the stove worked, and we got a fire going and boiling water, hurray!!! Only took 3 minutes all together which was pretty neat and we got something warm to warm us. It was starting to get a bit chilly just standing/sitting still.

Biolite campstove

It was damn hot!! Duh boiling water….


All in all, it was nice to get out a bit. I know I should do it more often, but I am so damn lazy and my agoraphobia sometimes takes too strong hold of me.

Here, have a photo of me, cause I like being a bit narcissistic and share my face, well, half of it 😛

December 13 Me


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