Social Event – Singularity

My guild had it’s first social event this Thursday, and I had the honor of making a post on the forum after it. And I thought, since it’s been a few days since I last posted anything, that I could share what I wrote on the forum. It’s a little walkthrough of our event.

Frezja, a fellow officer, had the task of organizing it. And as we started, I helped her a long the way for some support. Neither of us have lead any events before so it was exciting.

Anyways, this was our evening.

First off, we would like to thank everyone for coming. It was very nice to see so many people show up, as we didn’t expect it.

The night went really fast and I for one, enjoyed myself and I hope you all did too.
For those who were not there we can do a little rundown of the event, so you can see what happened. It will be like you were there with us!!

The night started with a little meet up in Stormwind, where we suddenly got a message from Frezja.

Close to the lands of spiders,
surrounded by scary birds,
in place plenty of ruins,
there is a por lil Frez.

She’s lonely and crying and sad,
you need to make her awake,
remember that what she needs,
that is a chocolate cake.


(The first to find Frez would win a little amount of gold)

After this people head out in every direction in search of some cake. Some were right on it, and some where scratching their head. Some was very quick to check the auction house 😛


Most people found their cakes and headed for the location that was hinted at in the poem, some had understood the location by a picture, and some probably sneaked peaked at the guild roster 😛
And our lil cute Denean, got lost on another continent ❤

People searched high and low in Deadwind Pass as that was the location Frez was lost and hungry.
In the end we had 2 winners, Pury came there first, but she had no cake, and Nwyfre second with a cake, so we decided to split the price between them.


After the little puzzle we had decided to do a naked run into Karazan, but little did we know it was locked to 10 persons. We had assumed it was for 15 people, but of course it was not. So we made a little mistake there, but we learned from that and will now have 3 backup plans if we make a mistake again 😛

Non the less, we had already taken our clothes off and was just standing there naked, so we came up with a backup plan with the suggestion of the group.


We made a portal to Theramore and started running! We were heading for the great lands of the Barrens, to slay our enemies, the orcs and the taurens at their meeting place – Crossroads.


With a little pitstop at some nature-sight, because you know, someone kept calling for screenshots ❤


With the battle-cries all around us, pumped to get to Crossroads we went over hills, running over lava-pits and slaying zhevra’s, and in the end we came to our destination. Anticipating only a few guards, and a deserted Crossroads, we were met by a little surprise.


There was a guildmeeting, or an RP meeting, and we had interrupted them. But we figured “Hey, we are Roleplaying yeah?” So we went on, hitting them in our undies, with only a weapon equipped.

This is how it went.


After being slayed a few times, we all ressed, some got dressed and we got a little revenge.

We decided after that to end the night with a little pve, having a party at Onyxia’s Lair. That way we could have all the elements in place, some pvp,pve and rp.


While everything did not go according to plan, I thank you all for your patience, and for joining us. Some of us are new to making events, and we learn as we go. I hope you had some fun and we really appreciate that so many people wanted to come!

And be ware, this isn’t the last time we will tell you to forget about your clothes!

Special thanks to Frez for taking the time to organize 🙂


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