We got a visitor!

It’s snooowiiing šŸ˜€ I had just gotten ready for therapy, put my face on, and was ready to go, and no I had not looked out the window at this point yet, but then suddenly something caught my eye. WHITENESS, is that even a word? Well, yeah the snow has finally decided to visit.



Why happy you say? CAUSE, snow brighten up this dark dark country, that’s why! It’s dark when you get up, and it’s dark at 3-4 in the afternoon. So I welcome thee snow, nice to see you, it’s been a long time. It’s suppose to drop 10cm of snow today, so we will see. But it’s also going to be warm tomorrow, so it might vanish as quickly as it came.

Also had a silly insident when Eirik dropped me off at therapy today. I had brought my purse with phone, water etc, whatever I need. I had it in my lap on the drive over, when I got there, going out of the car I saw it. My pants were wet as hell. Yep it totally looked like I had pee’d my pants. Wet on the front, between my legs, on on my arse. It was beautiful.


I had to step into the room, looking like I pee’d myself. But ey it went okay, I didn’t die of emberassement or anything. I just said “I didn’t pee myself okay” and there was some laughing and we moved on. Hehe.

Other then that, I’ve been doing some Ashran and BG’s in WoW, trying to get some conquest points for ilvl 700 gear on my Frosty mage. Yesterday I got asked by Danny to do arena, while I was like “noooo I suck butts” , he convinced me and we went to war.

iceflake ava

And I had so much fun, it was really nice, he was relaxed and chilled, no yelling no moaning when we lost, all was good. We lost a lot at start, but at the end of it we were kicking ass. We won 7 games at the end of it, and I say that is nay bad, especially since I have only had my mage for around a week. We lost 9 games though, but I learned a lot from the games we lost, so I can only get better.

We also raided last night and finally killed Iskar. We are doing normal raids, been raiding for a around a month? I am not sure. But we are making progress in a comfortable way, and finally starting to get some steady and decent signups.

Shadow-Lord Iskar

On top of that, the mage is amazing. I’m totally in love. It’s perfect ranged dps class. And, yes my gnome is so adorable, I could eat it.


That was my tiny update for you. I am now going to grind some coffee and make a cup, cause I am freezing my ass off after sitting with wet pants for two hours.


7 thoughts on “We got a visitor!

  1. I think it speaks volumes when these days you can walk into Therapy after peeing yourself (yeah, I don’t believe that other stuff :)) when that would have mortified you previously. Good job. Also, having fun in Ashran? That’s almost unheard of šŸ™‚


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