Monday Update

It’s early in the morning and I am waiting for my BF to get his ass out of bed. Today is therapy day again, so just writing a bit to calm my nerves. Wont have time to write much but will continue my post when I get back home ๐Ÿ˜€

My warlock dinged 100 last week, it went super fast, I think I used two or three days for the 10 levels I had left to do. She was then a tiny little noob. But I was loving her, and the destruction spec. I ventured into pvp straight away to get some easy gear, so I could do hc’s and LFR’s.Boo!

I got them boxes and a lot of honor. Boxes contained green and blue gear, the blue gear at 670 ilvl.

I started the legendary quest reward, opened up garrison to level 3 for shipyard and entered Tanaan. And already managed to upgrade one item.

I “discovered” Ashran too. I knew it was there, but never been interested, it’s not that fun, but it is okay. I am surprised at how much conquest points you can get, and I from that I have gotten 3 ilvl 700 items from those points. So my gear is now at ilvl 679. More then I had on priest already. The LFR hardly gave me any loot, so I had to think of other means to get gear for our casual raid tonight.

I have changed to affliction spec, and I also love that spec. While I have to look at the dots all the time, and it’s a spec where you have to pay more attention, it’s a spec I really love. ย I have 2 specs now that I really enjoy which is… a surprise to me.

I even love doing the dailies now, heh. That’s a first.


I am settling in the guild quite nicely, still being a trial member, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t pass that.

I’ve been doing old content for mounts and mog items, so far no mounts. But I bought an old pvp set and mogged it on, which you can see on the picture over.

We did what the guild call RUN for FUN, getting the guild achievements, first into Firelands.

firelands guild ragnaros7-10-20015

Of course it went super fast as you can solo the place.

I am now home from the therapy session, and feeling a lot better. Not that the meeting helped, but it’s over with. I was freezing my ass off all the meeting, so it’s nice to be home, under the blanket with a laptop warming me up heh.

Time to get killed in Ashran! I’ll give you an update tomorrow on how our raid went!


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