A raiding Gnome

Yessir! Going to write a short post before bed, while I am eager to type.

First raid tonight, we did not do the most current raid, as we wanted to test the water and check out how our guild plays together (that’s what I think anyways)

We went into Blackrock Foundry! It’s a nice place to test how each player perform and get to know each other. As the guild is brand new I think this was a good idea. I saw people getting achievement for doing the different wings, so seems some people might not have been there even in LFR.

We started at 8.30 and finished somewhere around 10.30 or 11.00, so we did not have time to do the whole place obviously.


We ended up doing 5 or 6 bosses, and most of it went pretty smooth and thing got one shotted. Thanks to some being over geared perhaps,(but I think some were undergeared?) but it seemed all did really well on the tactics. No major screwups, people listened to the Raid Leader and followed his instructions. Which is really good, it looks good for future raids.

We did die once, due to focusing on wrong mobs at one of the bosses, but ey, that’s allowed 😛

We had a nice time, we killed some stuff, we got to know each other better AND I ended up becoming a member after the raid, how nice of an ending of the night is that 😀 Yep, I am glad I went, and glad I got to join Singularity.

Even though they can’t pose for pictures… I did manage to sneak in one picure when people stood still, wasn’t easy 😛 Guess I have to train these people to stand still and pose!

Hans'gar and Franzok 12-10-15

My damage wasn’t to shabby either, I managed to keep up. I was worries before raid I wouldn’t manage, but I was 3rd and 4th on the list some times, on the bosses. I thought I didn’t play my spec right, but guess I actually did.

I was in a dungeon with another warlock the other day and he absolutely crushed me in terms of damage so I really thought I was doing something wrong. I guess the damage scale a lot with the ilvl.  I truly suck at aoe damage though as affliction. I have read the guides but still, it’s pretty bad. More practice I guess.

Elevator Time
Queue Elevator Music

It’s been a while since I have ventured into raids, with a raiding guild, but I am eager now. I think I have the right class and the right guild. I have never raided as damage dealer, not since vanilla, so this is exciting. While I still find healing a 100 times easier, and more relaxing, I don’t miss it.

Hurray for the warlock gnome.

gnome lock


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