Hello Missy Warlock!

It’s almost time for bed now. But a quick post before that.

As I joined a guild, and I decided I want to join in on doing casual raiding, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t want to be a shadowpriest in raids.

I have finally gotten comfortable as a damage dealer, and I can leave all healers and support behind. With this I made the decision of leveling my warlock up to a 100 instead. As my priest had pretty poor gear anyways, it’s not that big of a deal.

My warlock is level 95 and only 5 levels to go, so should not take long to level up and get the same gear my priest had. To bad the TW dungeons is just ending, and I will have to wait for that again, but I can go to tanaan and get some items I am sure.

While questing today I was very lucky and stumbled upon one of the rares that have a 100% rate of dropping a mount. I am not sure how often you meet this rare, but I had no idea that it existed so I had big eyes when I saw the mount.

Gnome Warlock

A Swift Breezestrider, hurray, I have wanted one of these these forΒ a while but been to lazy to figure out where to get them. Now I got one for free πŸ˜› And is now my favorite mount, I love the sound of it running.

warlock gnome female

And yep, I am one of those creepy, hated gnomes! *insert gnome giggle here*

Warlock is incredibly fun. I had not played one in forever, and was surprised at how much I am enjoying it.

I had a really silly reason for wanting to change to a warlock, mostly just to see some bigger crits then the shadowpriest, but also having some cooler more evil transmog sets. And to be honest, it is way more fun then shadowpriest, and I don’t have that healing offspec that might pull me back into healing just to get easy queues. I will just have to deal with 30 minute queues, rather then 2 minutes.

Short blogpost today but ey, I am here ! πŸ˜€

Cya when I cya!



5 thoughts on “Hello Missy Warlock!

    1. Hmm. 3 dfferent dps specs, one is bound to suit you. Class based mount, cool tier sets. Green Fire! Demonic circles and gateways πŸ˜› Extra life with SoulStone. Tons of DPS, evil minions!!


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