Hello Sweden!

So, I went to Sweden (charlottenberg) today! Just a day trip. Us Norwegians often driver over the border to buy booze, food, cigarettes and all sorts of stuff, because things are much cheaper over there, then here in Norway.
I just went a long on the trip to get out of the house though. My mother had asked me if I wanted to join her and her husband for a day trip, as they go there from time to time to buy food, and of course I said yes. We drove off around 9 in the morning and got back home at 3.

I did end up buying some stuff after all, even though I had no plans of getting anything, I got a couple of new jeans, some makeup, a sweater and some paaanties, all for 150 Euros, pretty happy about that.
Also bought a shit ton of candy and soda for about 70 Euros, yes I bought a lot πŸ˜› (a lot more then the picture shows)


Didn’t bother to buy food though, as I am such a slacker person, I often forget we have stuff in the freezer and it just lies there till we just have to throw it away, so better just buy stuff I know we will eat anyways πŸ˜› Yeah not really healthy shopping, but as the woman in the shop said “you gotta buy what you fancy right?!” And that’s true πŸ˜€

Also bought myself a cute little wallet from BjΓΆrn Borg! πŸ˜€


We had lunch on the way back home, which was a disappointment to all three of us, they used to have good food there, but owner changed, so you know, they didn’t really keep the chefs! Bastards….This was the best part of the meal, the ketchup, salt&pepper, mustard and the soda! But ey, we had a good time, that is what counts.


It was a nice trip, nice to get out of the house, probably nice for Eirik too, to get rid of me for a few hours! And we took a few stops along the way, I did not bring my camera, but I had my phone so at least I got a picture. Not that it’s that awesome, but at least it’s nature right?



Now it’s time to eat some of the candy and watch a movie πŸ˜€

Oh and here is me in Sweden πŸ˜›



10 thoughts on “Hello Sweden!

  1. Sadly I cant drive to any country here – its 3.5 hours flight to Aussie and that is the closest – you cant drive to any new country from there either but at least its freaking huge!

    Happy munching on all the candy lewt.

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    1. Awww πŸ™‚ I’m lucky and live close to the border, between 2 and a half our and 3 hours away. Our table now looks like it’s had a bday party for kids with all the wrappings. I should feel bad, but… I don’t πŸ˜›

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