Another day has passed

So a new day yeah?

I managed to get up at 9, took a shower and woke up the boyfriend and he actually managed to get up, 45 minutes later then we agreed but ey, it’s improvement right. Going to take some time to get the daily rhythm set anyways, so I am going to let that pass.

I also did as I promised, took that walk outside with him and Nemo. Fall is really here now, leafs are starting to turn yellow and it wont be long until everything around us is yellow and orange. I guess I should charge up the battery for my camera so I can start taking some pictures again. Even though I am not fond of the darkness that comes with fall, I do enjoy the colors, and perhaps I can capture some of it onto some pictures.

Picture taken fall 2014
Picture taken fall 2014

We ate breakfast together as promised, even made a list for a weeks worth of dinner. I guess we will use that list for a month, and then perhaps change it up a bit. But this is a start, a path to some routines that will make me feel more secure, confident and better. It’s not much, but you got to start somewhere. I do understand this is just your normal every day life for some, but it isn’t for me alright? You may roll your eyes at me, keep em rolling off this page and onto something more interesting if it bothers you. No room for rolling eyes on this page, na-aaah, only scrolling eyes 😛

Also really enjoying having a journal. I kind of wish I had more I could do with it, right now it’s  pretty empty obviously, and I don’t have much to write in it. I’ve always enjoyed writing, both on computer and handwriting, even though my handwriting is almost impossible to read hah.


Yes it’s really ugly and looks like a 7 year old boy’s handwriting. Kind of wish I was a writer, but I don’t have a good imagination to actually write any sort of fiction. Perhaps one day I will try something, but meh. It is not only hard to write fiction, but it is even harder if I was to do so in English.



I’ve picked up GW2 again, and been playing that for the past week. I haven’t actually taken any screenshots of it yet, just not felt in the mood I guess. But I joined the guild where @eldaeriel and @hbahimself hang out. I haven’t really hung out with them yet, but it’s a friendly guild, where they do stuff together, sit a lot on teamspeak and such. Perhaps at a later date I will join them in some fun. Right now I just want to run some WvWvW and chill with the zergtrain.

So far I have leveled up my Necromancer to level 32, Thief around 15 and Elemental to 22.

I am juggeling a lot of games right now, well 3, GW2, SWTOR and FXXIV. Not doing much in WoW at the moment, but I will probably start again soon.

Other stuff

Well, as I have no real hobbies other then gaming, we do watch a lot of TV. I have seen some good shows and some bad. Just finished off the 3rd season of Orphan Black (sci-fi, drama).


And I actually really like it a lot. I didn’t get into it until a few episodes had past, but I think it was totally worth it. The main actor, Tatiana Maslany and the man playing her foster-brother Jordan Gavaris does a really good job with their acting, I really enjoy the story and the not knowing what is happening next.

A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.

I don’t want to say anything else because, spoilers, everything I could write about it would just be spoilers heh. I think this show deserves to be looked at. Just give it some episodes, if you are into a bit of sci-fi, mystery, drama thing. We finished of the last episode of season 3 yesterday and already missing the series and the characters in it.

Also been watching Between (drama).


And to be perfectly honest, not the greatest show. It passes the time, but there are a lot of things that just annoy me with the series, small incidents that sort of feels like fillers, just to make the episode lasts a bit longer, that could have been cut out. But you know, when you have watched just about everything there is, it’s okay, but nothing I would really recommend.

Between is the story of a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody 22 years and older. The series explores the power vacuum that results when a government has quarantined a 10-mile diameter area and left the inhabitants to fend for themselves.

Can’t say that the acting is the greatest either I am afraid.

Watched season 1 of Residue (horror, mystery).


While I really enjoy horror and mystery it has not really managed to grab me. It is a very slow show, feels very “grey” and it’s more of a drama then horror to me. But I think these episodes were more of a pilot then anything. I am sure it will peak my interest more when they release season two. I am interested in following the story, there are things I want to know more about, I just wish they showed off a bit more from the pilot episodes. The cast is very good though, Iwan Rheon, from Misfits and GoT is a brilliant actor in my opinion.

Yes there are tons of other shows we have been watching, but can’t really remember the names now. At the moment we are watching Bones, heh, Eirik has never seen it, and so here we are, at least there are many seasons of bones and yucky stuff to look at. I assume most of you have heard of Bones so, no need to give any info about that show.


3 thoughts on “Another day has passed

  1. I love the fall! My favorite season by far…the cooler weather…frequent rain storms, the colors of the leaves…HALLOWEEN!

    I have also watched Between. I thought it was ok at the start..but got boring quick. The GF and I are hooked on The Walking Dead (I KNOW…I am very late to the show, but am addicted). We are waiting on Chicago Fire to come back.

    P.s. I’ll have to find you on GW2…Always liked that game, just don’t have any company to play/chill with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We don’t really celebrate halloween here in Norway :/ I love walking dead, but BF doesn’t, he got bored by season 2 😦 Not seen Chicago Fire though, perhaps something we can watch 🙂

      As for GW2, You are from US if I am not mistaken, and I am from EU, so not only do we probably play on different servers, but also different times ? Thanks for leaving a comment Dave 😀


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