An Assassin is born

Today I suddenly got the urge to do some pvp, and for some reason SWTOR is then the go to game. I don’t know why, I guess I just enjoy it’s simple PvP maps.

I decided to make a new character as I wanted to play an assassin, and I started on The Red Eclipse, as I didn’t have an assassin on that server, Lunalaa entered the universe.

Lunalaa - Assassin Swtor 2

I decided to avoid making a “babe” but trying to make a more fierce looking chick, but obviously with long hair, cause I like it. I did look at all the new hair they had opened up, can’t say they really looked that good. This here that I chose is also a new one. (When I say new, I just mean since last time I played, and that is a while) Some of the hair just felt like really bad wigs, like they didn’t match the head. But I think this hair suited this race, well suited it best anyways.

I was very happy to see that I didn’t need to get to the fleet to decide my role, earlier you had to get to the fleet and decide. But now at level 10 the talent tree opened up and I could chose.


I have decided I want to be a dps’r so I am an assassin, choosing the hatred specialization. I did however read that it was a bit dmg over time orientated, not sure I am that fond of it, but time will tell.

The leveling on the starter zone seemed to go incredibly quick and I was actually level 15 by time I was finished there. I’m not sure, but I think last time I played you were finished in that zone earlier?

Statues bowing - Swtor

They had also added some sort of a wardrobe which was very welcomed. Sort of like the one that’s in Wildstar, a feature I am very happy about as I like to change to look of my characters very often.

Character Window, wardrobe SWTOR
Can save outfits on the right side of the window

I was so busy leveling up to get up to the fleet, so no PvP was done, I hope I can try some tomorrow. I expect a tiny bit of rage from my side, hehe, as I don’t have much experience in PvP as a melee character. But luckily I do have stealth so that might help me a bit. I am excited to try though.

Lunalaa - Assassin Swtor

Well, that was just a short update on how I spent my gaming hours today. Here, have a screenshot of a fatso Hubba lookalike, which is actually yawning, perhaps tired of guarding the “stoned” people 😛

Jabba Lookalike


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