Turned to Gravel

I am so excited. I have been catching up on the main story in FFXIV and been dreading the day I was going to meet Titan, yes dreading it even on normal. That is obviously because of my internet issues. But today my internet was a glories friend of mine, and it didn’t act up under the Trial.


I passed the test with flying colors and didn’t even get hit once. It’s such a lame thing to be excited about, seeing it was just a normal run. But when you never have a chance to move out of stuff because of internet issues, it is so frustrating. With no lag Titan, you are no match for me! Mwhaahaha…

You are now only rubble, gravel, I beat your ugly face. May I only be so lucky on the other modes.

Dead Titan

I know the other modes are actually difficult, so time will tell. I have only done him on hard mode, not expert but I am not even sure I need to do those later, because of the expansion. It’s a long way down the road anyways, so no need to worry about that yet. I am just very glad it’s over with..

Happy Mojo

As I continued my main quest, I got met with the horrors of dead bodies everywhere. It was really sad to see everyone lying there. I inspected them to make sure there weren’t any survivors.

kneel emote ffxiv

Only Noraxia was alive, barely and she sent me to Camp Drybone. Poor people.

NoraxiaI still haven’t been able to catch up to the main story, there is soo much to do. And each time I get closer to cathing up, I need to do a duty and I level up. Hopefully I will manage to catch up today, so I can do other things as well, I am at the level 35 quest now so I should be able to catch up. Oh and yeah I have reached level 36 now. I even have a Bard quest I need to do, but have not had the time yet. I am surprised, it feels like I have something to do all the time, not even have the time to think up things to do!


I have been thinking a lot about my lalafell, I used to play lalafell earlier, even in FFXI, and I have missed her. But I have finally settled as being a Miqo`te now. I am not going back to Lala’s, even though I think they are super adorable, and there are Miqo’te’s everywhere, the new race has taken over a bit from the cat people. So I feel it’s not that over flowned with cats now as it used to be. But little lala, you will be missed. Thankfully I have my screenshots so I can just take a looksie whenever I feel I want to change back. I am quite fond of being a bit taller, and being able to see my armor better.

Selfie with Kiba

Called the Internet Provider.

I did call my internet service the other day, or my BF did as I’m clueless, we told them we were having some issues, with packet loss and whatnot. And of course they didn’t see any such thing but they would bump up our upload speed. With a wopping 0.1 mbps! It’s now around 0.80 – 0.87 hehe. They reset their tracking or whatever they do, and was going to keep an eye on our net for a while to see if there was anything wrong with it. At least we called them for the billionth time, and they did something. I hope it will reduce the lag spikes I have – those where you just see people running at spot and nothings reacting. Thankfully my ms is okay though, so it might have helped a bit actually.

My brother

Ripply Cloudinian is also very happy on the server. He’s now got a ping around 114 compared to what he had on his JPN server, 350 ms. He is doing his thing, earning money and leveling. He doesn’t seem to care where he is at, he is just a solo person anyways. He doesn’t like scheduling his playtime. He said “I can’t be arsed planning the day around a game. I can’t just say, sorry kids, no supper for you,, I gotta hit this guy in a game right now”

And yeah I can understand, and totally agree. As long as you are happy with the game you are playing, and there is such things as Duty Finder, you can have a full on experience of the game no matter if you are a solo player or not.

Only thing that’s weird for him is the gold spam now, it doesn’t seem to be happening in the same way on JPN servers as on the US/EU servers.


5 thoughts on “Turned to Gravel

  1. Grats on taking down Titan. I think I was working towards that direction before leaving. That Lalafell is very adorable. Sorry to hear about the internet connection issues. Wish that stuff had more competition around so we’d have better deals and connection speeds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Right now it doesn’t matter which provider I get, it will still be from the same old copper wire line, or whatever it’s made of. It’s just very old,bad and fragile. In a year or two we will get a new one. Just gotta be patient -.-

      Liked by 1 person

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