Goal Complete!

Today I got my pugilist up to level 15 as planned. With some quests, fates and hunting log done, the journey went pretty fast. Only thing to report is the most ugliest outfit in FFXIV, my character didn’t like it,even my Choco stared at me. Look at my cat’s expression, she’s screaming for help inside her head.

Ugly pugilist outfit

I must admit I really like the pugilist. It feels like she is punching things really hard in the nuts, like her punches makes significant impact. And she kicks too, she kicks people in the FACE! Yes, it’s very very fun, BUT my original goal was to get a bard. So that is what I did first after I got the pugilist to 15. But I might go after the Monk later.

I had a few archer quests to catch up on, but after I did that I could finally get the bard quest done. I enjoyed the archer quests a lot, following the story, but now a new story begins.


I did some more of the main quests as well, I had some catching up to do and finally got to unlock Haukke Manor, one of my favorite dungeons.

Outside Haukke Manor

Not that it’s a very special and hard dungeon, but the atmosphere, the colors, the haunted house feel, it’s just really good. And I will probably do that dungeon to death, I hope I get to do it on the hard mode as well, if that is even possible now that the new expansion is out and the hard modes are probably forgotten forever. But I only did the hard mode 2 times or something on my other character when it got out. I really hope it’s possible to do it again.

Haukke manor

Unfortunately I didn’t get to catch up on the main quests before I had to log. I reached level 32 on my Bard, but I will have plenty of time to play tomorrow, so I can catch up on the story.

But I might even continue some more on my Pugilist, time will tell. I am in no hurry to reach max level. It’s the leveling that is the journey and content for me now, knowing that I can’t partake in much at end level anyways.

I will leave you with the stairs in Haukke Manor, with the wonderful colors from the glass windows.

Stairs in Haukke Manor

And a picture taken outside the entrance.

Picture of Hakke Manor Entrance

I realise my blog is more of a diary , but I find just typing on the computer very fun. And as I don’t have much else to report, this is what we get. Perhaps I should become a secretary so I can sit and write all day? 😛




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