Some negatives, some positives.

I was looking forward to nice evening playing some FFXIV, after doing some quests and entering a dungeon I got a disconnect.

After that I was unable to login, error 2002 it said. Asking on twitter if anyone was having the same issue, and it seemed others had the same problem as well.

Taking a quick look on the forums I noticed 4 posts in under less then a minute, filled with people having the same issue, going over a longer periods of time. Yes this sucks. Finally haven gotten the excitement I wanted to play, this happens. I can live with having lag spikes, dying because of the lag and freezes etc. But not even being able to log into any server whatsoever makes me a tad annoyed. Some people have gone weeks with this error.

I am skeptical because it’s also happened to me before, along with countless of others. I understand this issue has never happened to some though. And perhaps the issue is resolved tomorrow. But I’ve always had some sort of issue with this game, in one shape or form and that’s a reason why I always end up playing it a few days at a time, until I encounter an error, unsub. And then a few months later I try again because I forget I get these sorts of errors.

Looking a bit more on the forums, I see that this issue happened to a lot of people at the same time this evening, perhaps SE messed up while trying to fix another issue? 😉

I am not giving up on this game just yet, it’s just sad that this happens to often. I’ve gotten errors since day one, and that’s 2 years ago now?

Enough ranting.

One movie later, and the issue was resolved, thankfully. So I was able to log back in.

I got a really nice tip from Aywren yesterday, to get my Conjurer to 30 so I could unlock my chocobo to help me fight! Yes, my chocobo has now become my pocket healer, companion unlocked. Meet Loke!

Companion unlocked

It was pretty easy –

My Feisty Little Chocobo

This quest is available upon reaching level 30. Speak with Docette in theSouth Shroud at X17-Y28. You will be told to speak with someone in Bentbrach, so head to the Central Shroud and speak with Luquelot at X20-Y21. He will offer to train your bird, so go grab the nearby Gyshal Greens, then return to him. This will unlock access to the Chocobocompanion. You will now be tasked with killing some nearby Ziz, in order to acquaint yourself with the companion mechanics. Once done, return to Luquelot to complete the quest.

Finishing this quest unlocks access to the Chocobo Companion.

After this I decided I wanted to do one of the seasonal quests,I ended up doing one that celebrated the two year FFXIV ARR. And I am glad I did, it was a pretty cool quest, well, the ending of it anyways. I did a few prequests, go here and there, and at the end of it I got to listen to a song. This song gave me a vision, I entered something called the 18th floor, if I remember correctly. This floor was filled with many npc’s, which  was the actual makers of the game. It really made me smile, I talked to each and every one of them as they all had a short message they wanted to say. And I thought it was really sweet, a way of meeting the creators of the game. It was charming in a way.


And after meeting this fellah, I imagine he must be quite the amusing man, who does a lot of strange things at work – Hiroshi Takai. Look at what he is doing haha. The horse was swinging back and forth.


I am really glad I could partake in this quest, I am not that into all the seasonal events, but I did enjoy this. It was special and unique.

After I did this, I decided I wanted to try the other seasonal quests, it was just farming fates etc to get some cosmetic swimsuits, which isn’t really my thing. I know a lot of people like those kinds of things, but it’s not quite up my alley. But I did finish one of the quests, to get the white swimsuit for the girls. I use it now for my low level botanist outfit. Cause I did start with chopping down trees today, it went super fast and I am already level 7 on it. It’s quite relaxing, and a nice thing to dabble with when you are in a dungeon queue.


When the queue finally popped up, which didn’t take longer then around 7 minutes, probably because I have a new character and the queue shortens for new players, I got Ifrit. This proved to me once again that my internet and FFXIV ARR doesn’t quite match. The fire spots on the ground popped up and before I could even blink, I got hit by it. It’s really sad because I do want to do high level things, but when I get hit by shit at this level, it just proves to me I wont be able to partake in anything later on. At least the game is more forgiving at lower levels, you wont ruin it for the whole group if you lag. I have done high level stuff before because of pure luck and never standing still so I could dodge things, but yeah. When things hit you faster then it appears on your screen then it’s no use.

A screenshot at Ifrit, a picture we all have taken at one point:

Archer vs Ifrit

At least there is a lot of other things that you can do then just going for raids, I hope? I can hopefully manage to clear all the 4 man dungeons anyways, and the looking for raid things, they are a bit more forgiving, used to be anyways, but I have not tried things after the expansion came.

Anyways, that was my late night post. I will leave you with some fireworks, cause we all like that right? Yes, yes we do!

Fireworks Uldah + Miqote

Seasonal event - fireworks ffxiv arr

Thanks everyone.



8 thoughts on “Some negatives, some positives.

  1. Glad to see you got your chocobo! I hope that the error clears up for you, though. It’s a bummer, but I’ve not run across that issue myself.

    I know that some people who experience lag use WTFast to connect to FFXIV, and that helps a lot. I haven’t tried it myself, but if you Google it, there are a lot of people who swear by it. There’s apparently a free version and everything.

    A few years ago, I had a lot of issues with lag spikes in FFXIV and used Pingzapper to help. It was the only way I could play. Eventually, the lag fixed itself and I haven’t needed to use it since, but back when I did, that was helpful. WTFast does the same thing for free, though, if I’m reading right.


    1. Thanks again, I think my brother use WTFast actually, but the price sounded horrible unless I heard him wrong. But I will try the free version for sure. YOU ARE SO HELPFUUUL ❤ Yeah I capsed that. And ofc I want a unicorn!! I must get it.


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