A familiar face

Been spending the evening, playing FFXIV again, I know, you are probably incredibly shocked my that sentence. Me, playing video games? I know right!?

I got yet another tip from Ayrwren, to try something called WTFast, to try and fix some of my latency issues. And it did help some, the casts I do are more reactive now, the spells get casts when I click them now, it’s a miracle, but I still have spikes from time to time. But I will use it for the duration it is free. I think some issues just comes from my own internet, and it’s so noticable in a game like FFXIV where moving is very important, compared to WoW, where it’s a non issue really.

I got a message from my brother also, he asked me where I was playing and if it was a new character etc. Suddenly he wanted to visit Cactuar, to have some company since his FC and server is a bit on the quiet side atm. To be honest, he does play on a JPN server so, if there is no one on in his FC it’s bound to get quiet for him.

Suddenly he had transfered his mule over to Cactuar, and there he was. I managed to get him an invite to the FC, so now you got another insane person in your FC, Bel!

Meet Ripply Cloudinian –

Me and my brother - ffxiv

Don’t ask me what’s up with his hair, I don’t know. Going metal?

So what kind of player is he? Well I think he is more of a loner like me, joining in on things when asked. I know he is a good player though, and can play just about any role needed. He has 2 kids so that is mostly the reason he usually tends to himself and gets thing sorted alone to not bother anyone.

He is also a crafter person,

The Wood tells all!

I think he really loves crafting. Earlier in the game when we were on Odin together he was always crafting, having tons of money cause he was always early with the crafting. But this isn’t his main character though so he hasn’t maxed out his levels on this character. But chances are, if you need something, he can probably make it.

We did some fates together, in Costa Del Sol since there was tons of fates spawning there, linked with the seasonal event. He really fancied one of those thongs for men you can buy from the event – no not really 😛

Me and Bro doing fates with our chocos
Waiting for a fate with our chocobos

We ended the evening with doing a dungeon, not even sure which dungeon, one of the low level once, as I haven’t unlocked many dungeons yet.

I managed to get to level 31 actually, so I can soon unlock my bard. I need to level up a pugilist to level 15 first, that shouldn’t take long. But I also need to do the Archer class quests, I had totally forgotten them, and think I stopped doing then at level 5, so there is quite the catch up. Then I also need to do the Main quest, as I stopped doing them at level 27! I have lots of fun to look forward to tomorrow.

  • Get Pugilist to 15
  • Do Archer class quests
  • Get Bard
  • Catch up on Mainquest
  • Get Unicorn on Conjurer (quest)

That is the plan at the current moment, which will be updated as I complete the tasks.

I am happily surprised at how much I do enjoy the Archer. I did play it at launch and thought it was an okay class, but not really up my alley. Perhaps it’s more enjoyable now because I have decided I am going to stay away from healing and tanking for a while, that I am allowing myself to enjoy some damage dealing. YeahYeah, who knows, it’s all just silly thoughts, thoughts of a murderous Miqo’te ?! *PEWPEW*

Archer shooting - Miqote

Thanks for reading.



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