The New Journey Begins – FFXIV ARR

As I said yesterday, I wanted to play some FFXIV. And so I did, I manage to squeeze in a few hours of gameplay and made some progress. Well didn’t take much to make progress as I was level one.

I ventured to the archer club to get my missions, I did them as fast as I could and walked back to the club, but not everyone was pleased with the way I did my job…


I just thought, screw that guy, I just got started, he will see how good of an archer I will become. My goal is to become a bard, that’s more then he is, must be jealous of my skills and looks.

I spent the evening doing some quests, up to level 10 as that was my goal. I did some leves too, never done much of those, but I wanted the extra XP so I could get to level 15 cause that is when dungeons open up. I also did some fates as they bring in a lot of XP.

Miqote archer on Choco

As I have already leveled a Conjurer to level 29, I have gotten my chocobo which means easy travel. Thank goodness for that. Not that I need it that much yet, I don’t really travel long distances, but it is really nice to have, saves me using the portals everywhere, that costs a lot of money for a little noob like me.

I did some of the fates in around Aleport, they seemed my level and the XP quickly ticked in and I got to level 15. I could finally do a dungeon with this little Miqote. To no ones surprise I entered Sastasha as that is the first one to open up.

Let’s see a action shot shall we? You know I will give you tons of screenshot, the game is so pretty, so I can’t help myself.

Action shot Archer

We ended up in a bar fight, we won…Bastards..

Bar Fight - satasha

Getting to level 15 also had other perks, I could get out of the newbie clothes I had earlier. I had saved up some gear I got on my Conjurer, so I got a new look I had been waiting for.  Yes I am still running around in my underwear having no pants, but I needed another level before I could put them on okay!

Miqote at Aleport

And with a new outfit, comes new hairstyle right? RIGHT? Yes of course….

pic 1 blog miqote

I thought this suited the hat I was wearing.  I am sorry, there is a lot of pictures of my cat, but everyone loves cat pictures right? And to be honest, I am not really sorry! 😛

Miss Mojo Miqote

I ended the evening with turning level 17, I had originally set a goal for 10, but the levels just kept coming as I had so much rested bonus. Tomorrow I will hopefully be in my 20s. Not that the level matters but I do look forward to becoming a bard.

I also took a few scenery screenshots, just in case Izlain could use some for his blog.

Gates of Aleport

Lavender Beds 2

Lavender Beds

Thanks for reading, or rather looking at pictures heh.



6 thoughts on “The New Journey Begins – FFXIV ARR

  1. Oh! If you get your Conjurer to level 30, you can unlock the chocobo as your companion! That is super helpful while you’re doing quests and FATES, since you can train him/her to heal (which is what I always do). It’s nice to run around as an archer with a pocket healer, and totally worth it to push one more level for, IMHO. The quest that unlocks it is called My Fiesty Little Chocobo (or something similar).

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  2. Oh grats! I havent played 4 a while so still lvl 8 im afraid :S
    So i can get that chocobo on 1 char and then use it on all chars on my account? I aimed 4 a bard, my first char, but switched to conjurer. Still havent decided 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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