A new Shiny!

You hear a heart beat, fast and loud, a voice appears, like a movie trailer voice actor –

“In a home, you must eat to survive!!! One girl,standing in the kitchen, preparing her toast. and the dog WANTED IN – toasttoasttoasttoast….She had one chance, to make the toast, before the drool took over the kitchen. One slice of breaaad, one pan with butter – one toast, can change the world. Get down dog, GET DOWN AGAIN! It’s bread, it’s french, and it’s toasted.

I need more hobbies don’t I…

The french toast tasted nice though

The dust from the blaugust event is finally starting to settle.Well actually, not quite yet, there is the summary from Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut who has managed to gather the results of the event, and it is a wonderful list. Many who signed up, survivors, many who crossed the finish line, and quite a nice number of people who has managed to get through the event two years in a row now.

There is the awesome dude, MysticalMesmer, who managed to actually post on two blogs this year, and made it through with 31 posts on both blogs. That is a damn nice achievement man. All hats off for you! I think you impressed us all.

As a “winner”, or rather Conqueror of blaugust, I am going to be wearing the new smexy badge with big pride, I expect a lot of us will. Since I, and many others finished it last year as well, I have the honors of using the Veteran Badge!


There are some prices to be handed out as well, Bel will be contacting people during the next few days, but you can read all that on his post, that I linked to earlier. I just wanted to spread the word out about his post.

I will try to continue my blogging each day, although perhaps not big post, but I want to keep going.

Once again, thank you Bel, for the event and my new shiny badge.




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