A new era.

So, I guess I finished WoW!

Last boss

Of course I didn’t finish WoW, but I saw the last boss of the last raid this expansion. Only in LFR though, as I have no interest in doing proper raiding anymore.

And to be honest, after this evening of playing WoW, I might be finished with healing too. I find it very boring to be looking at the healing bars all the time. I think what annoys me is that I want to see more of the game around me. Not that I have any issues with seeing things going on, I have no issues of moving away from things and knowing what to do, but I feel I need to glance too much at the healing bars, cooldowns and what not, instead of looking at the actual adventure I am partaking in.

That is an issue in Wildstar too, I have to watch for resources building up, and paying attention to when I have enough so I can click other spells. I guess this is how it is in all games, especially MMO’s.

Perhaps that is why I have enjoyed leveling the hunter more. I can just send my pet, smash my hand on the keyboard and things are dead. No need to pay attention to anything other then the lands around me, feeling more immersed. That is what I want, more immersion. I think I have changed?

I was doing a timewalker dungeon yesterday, Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom. And we died a few times, with me as a healer. Now deep down, I know it was not my fault. That place is dangerous with some of the overpulling of packs from tanks that have not been there. But I just felt so slow with my healing too, like I was just awful. And you know, I can’t be arsed with having those feelings anymore. I know I love support roles, but I don’t love that feeling of looking like a moron when trying to have fun, people staring at you, making it look like you are the reason people are dying. It’s never bothered me before, wiping as a healer, it’s just recently I am starting to get annoyed.

So I need to try and figure out how to have fun without needing to be a support class anymore, espesially in WoW.

I finally got FFXIV ARR downloaded on the laptop and will venture into that game today, try and level up a bit. I might focus on leveling an archer for a while, stay away from the healing sides of things.

archer lvl 1 miqote

Don’t look at her outfit okay, she is level one!! She can’t help it, she was just accepted into the archery club and you know, she doesn’t know the dress code or anything.

Hopefully I will be able to immerse myself into this game today, it’s a bit difficult these days with a boyfriend who is all over the place because of his medicine. But I am sure I can put an hour in, I hope, heh.




12 thoughts on “A new era.

  1. It can be frustrating to play the UI, which healers seemed to do in most every game. I still love support roles, but I’ve come to value games more that can hide the UI while still letting me my group’s biggest assist. I miss my EverQuest Bard or City of Heroes healer, since in both cases, there were no whack-a-mole moments in which I was called to constantly keep vigil over bars.

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  2. Welcome to FFXIV! Playing archer is a good choice for a first class. At low levels, it’s low stress in group environments, and lets you sit back, relax and enjoy the view. I used to run content on my archer/bard first to learn it before trying it with a more intense class. Sounds like that’s the change of pace you need.

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      1. If you enjoy Bard to 50, then you may like the new Machinist class. It’s similar, but plays differently (a bit more challenging), and uses the same armor as Bard. So anything you earn for Bard up to 50 can be recycled! 🙂

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  3. I know what u mean as i also been healer in ArcheAge 4 a long time. Only healing gets boring… so maybee i have to continue play my archer in FFXIV instead of my conjurer…. I thought conjurer was a mage that dealt damage too? But maybee not enough ds…
    That’s what I love in ESO. My mage can deal insane damage and be a healer simultaneously. My templar too. I never get bored that way cos its fun to heal but i need something else too…

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    1. A conjurer is a healer im afraid which turns into a whitemage later in the game which is the healer mage. A thaumaturg which can be unlocked in uldah, is dps and will turn into a black mage – that is the damage mage. Its confusing i know xD

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