Strange Vibes

Boyfriend has ADD ( the same as ADHD without the hyperactivity ) and they are now thinking he might have ADHD. He started his medicine trial on Monday and is slowly upping his dosages.

Are they working? Oh I don’t know, he has lost his hyperfocus which is good.

Hyperfocus is an intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses consciousness on a subject, topic, or task. In some individuals, various subjects or topics may also include daydreams, concepts, fiction, the imagination, and other objects of the mind.

With his hyperfocus he can spend days, weeks, even months stuck into a single topic. An example, pens. He has gotten the interest of proper ink pens for his journals. What does this entail? Constantly watching videos about pens, reading about pens. And when I say constantly, I mean constantly. Hours after hours, days after days. Obsession. This doesn’t only mean he get stuck into it, it means I get stuck into it as well. Constant talk about it, telling me I need to see this or that. What kind of color of ink should I get, should I get this pen or that pen. Will it work with this paper, or that paper. In small dosages this would be just fine. Over weeks? That is a bit exhausting.

He is also less distracted. He can have conversations without going into 10 different topics and stories before he gets back to the original topic he started with. Let me tell you this, it’s hard to follow a conversation when there is 10 different stories to go through before he finishes his original thought! Which sometimes is just telling me who he met at the store.


So I am glad the medicine is helping on this. But he has gotten a lot of anxiety from it, he can’t sit still either. I think he had a panic attack the other day too, he was really tense, warm, he said his head was feeling like it was shrinking into a tiny ball. Sounds similar to my attacks.

I can feel a new vibe around the house now, of energy. In some ways that is good, he wants to do things, he wants to be active and go out, meet friends. That is good for us both. And we have been more active, we have been out eating, gone to café’s, visiting people.

But the energy also stresses me out. I can always feel what mood he is in, in the house. He has strong vibes around him with every kind of mood. If he is sad or if he is happy, I know what kind of mood he is in even before he walks through the door. And the energy he is getting from this medicine right now, is really heavy and I don’t recognize it, it’s new.

But this is just a trial, reason for trials is to get used to the medicine, upping dosages so he and his body gets used to them. It will go on for 13 days, then he and his doctor will have to decide if they are worth it for him, if he needs to try something else, or if he just has to live without medicine.

I am crossing my fingers that medicine will work for him, and that the side effects of anxiety and way to pressing energy will start to normalize a bit. I get anxiety from his energy now, that is not a positive side effect either.

But only one more week and we will know.

Blaugust day 30

What is Blaugust? Check it at Bel‘s blog

Anook | Blaugust


7 thoughts on “Strange Vibes

  1. Agh *hugs*
    Yeah I know how that feels from Dan’s “autism spectrum disorder”. It’s very similar to ADHD in some ways and when his moods get intense, my anxiety goes haywire. It’s so frustrating. So glad Eirik is seeing somebody about it. Hopefully they find something that works for you both. 🙂

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