Divinity Original Sin, First impressions.

Me and BF downloaded Divinity – Original Sin and started playing it yesterday. It’s a single-player and cooperative multiplayer fantasy RPG with tactical turn-based combat. Now I got to admit I usually hate turn-based combat but this one, this one is super fun when playing with someone else.


It has so far had very fun quests, interactive with many different options. The quest we are doing so far is investigating a murder. Might not sound all that interesting, but it is. There are multiple suspects to the murder and we have to talk to them, investigate houses, find evidence, like a weapon or similar, to try and figure out who the murderer is. And you can’t just barge into people’s houses, you have to find keys to get into the house, talk to this and that person to get further into the quest. All this without getting any help from silly questions marks on the npc’s or any help on the map. It feels very old school when it comes to quests.

I just went around yesterday talking to different npc’s, suddenly there were two guys that didn’t have any work and wondered if I knew of any jobs they could take. While I did not have a job for them, I later met a man who actually needed a hand. So I went back to the guys who was searching for work and suddenly they had a job. The thing that makes this fun, is that you have to just figure out these things on your own. No help or guidance, so you actually feel like you are playing yourself, not getting your hand held. You have to pay attention, read, look around everywhere to find small clues, talk to everyone in case they know anything about this and that. Even a poem in a desk can be important.

The combat is exciting as hell. It is difficult, one wrong move and you are dead. You got to think and be careful with your moves. Is there a toxic gas-cloud on the ground? Then don’t use firespells if you are standing there, because if you do, that cloud will blow up in your face. If a monster throws a fireball at you and the ground starts burning, well, you can cast a water spell/ rain and the fire will fade away. Many things interact with each other and that makes it really exciting and dangerous. See an oil barrel next to a monster? Shoot it with fire – BOOM!


You might get surrounded by way to many mobs and it can seem like a certain death, but if you play it right you can actually manage to survive. Pay attention, use stuns, save action points, stand a bit in hiding, there are many things you can do to turn a fight around. But there are also many things you can mess up so you just get totally owned.

I can’t remember a game with coop I have played, that I enjoyed this much.

There are conversations in the game between NPC’s and the avatars you play, and if you play coop, both of you can  sometimes take part in the conversation. You have your own sentences, you can agree or disagree.

Yesterday we came to a dilemma where we wondered if we should take credit for a quest we had done or not. I did not have the same opinion as my BF so we ended up disagreeing. This ended up with a rock, scissor, paper game. I won obviously cause I am the master of that game. But it was a fun little thing. I love that we don’t have to agree, that our characters interact with each other after certain things have happened with them in the game.

Do you want to play a coop with your friend or partner, then this is definitely a game I would recommend. And after seeing this video from Angry Joe, I can say I am super excited about game nr 2, because it looks even better.

Blaugust day 29

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