Nearing the end

Blaugust day 28

What is Blaugust? Check it at Bel‘s blog

Anook | Blaugust

Blaugust is nearing an end, some have made it this far, some have fallen off, some are struggeling and for some, writing each day is normal.

For me this time around has been fine, I’ve had fun. I’ve been looking forward to blogging most days, I’ve fallen in love with my blog again since blaugust came around. I have met some awesome new people, which I read daily.

It doesn’t always mean I have things to write about, but I am now determend to see this thing through. My goal was 15 posts, I have gone past this mark ages ago, and there is only 3 days left. Not giving up this close to the end.

Some are scared of writing bad quality, some have higher standards then me and that is okay, we all blog in our own way, and have blogs for different reasons.  My blog has been compared to a twitter feed, and that is okay.

There is the difference for me this year and last year, even though my writing wasn’t fantastic last year either, I was scared of putting out posts that were shit. This year? Pff, I’m the owner of the blog, I can do what I want, write what I want. If you don’t like it, or are not entertained, then there are thousands of other blogs out there that can give you what you need.

I know why I blog, and it’s not for the reader, it’s for my own benefit, a pass time, a hobby, therapy, something I own, something that’s mine.

I enjoy writing my thoughts, I enjoy playing around with the blog – theme – headers etc.

There was a point when I wanted to become a better writer, a more professional writer, I looked into it, how I could write more article like posts. But I realised all the work it would involve, staying update all the time, paying attention to tons of social medias and sites. And I quickly found out, that isn’t why I started to blog in the first place, I don’t want my blog to become a job.

So here I am with my twitter feed of a blog 😛

If you are struggeling to finish off the blaugust, remember why you started to blog, there is only a few days left, I am sure you have some sentences inside your head you can type out on the screen. If not, smash your head on the keyboard and press post !

A new sketch for you, don’t look at the hands, they are horrible..

aurin sketch

I said, don’t look at them!!!

Anyways, that was me, not knowing what to write, I ended up with some sentences in the end, that seem very familiar, I think I wrote this post before? Does it still count? Yes, yes it does! Now go, have a nice weekend!


6 thoughts on “Nearing the end

  1. Good for you Missy. Exactly right. You write what you want and don’t really worry about whether it’s good, bad, or otherwise. Some people will always want to see it, no matter what you write (like me :)). I do that too, just write about my time in WoW and Hearthstone and hope people will be interested, but don’t really worry if they’re not, because I enjoy writing about it. I’m sticking it out too, but will be happy to get back to blogging only once a week once it’s over. Have a great weekend.

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