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Blaugust day 27

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Anook | Blaugust

So far my journey in Wildstar without being in a guild has been very nice. I have only reached level 21, but I have not really actually looked at my experience bar at all. Suddenly I just get a level up and I didn’t even know I was close to level up. I find that very refreshing. I am not in that wild hunt for levels.

I wish I could experience that in other games, perhaps I can now? I wish I could do so in FFXIV, but the truth is, I love my conj/WHM, and they are really boring to quest with.

I have run into some troubles of being guildless and that is dungeon queues. They are impossible, they don’t seem to pop up. I have been queueing for 3-4 days now, I have tried for over an our for adventure, and for the dungeons. But it’s just being silent.

I have been reading up on the forums and it seems pretty normal. The thing is, when people ask about this, they get told the dungeon/adventure tool never pops up, so there is no point in using it. Saying these things just makes it even worse. Every soul that comes to Wildstar, expecting to be able to do a dungeon get met with a queue that never pops up, get told it never happens, and then they stop using the tool.

I for one am addicted to doing dungeons, it’s one of my favorite passtimes. I don’t do raids anymore, but dungeons, I love doing those. I also need to do them in the middle of my leveling up, so things differ a bit. It’s nice to do something different. And  besides, if I have to wait until I am level 50 to do group content, I will never dare set foot into a dungeon. I can’t start doing dungeons at level 50, with no experience before hand. That would be insane, espesially since the dungeons in this game is a bit more difficult then in other games. So to be able to do dungeons, it seems I would need a guild

I have however joined /chjoin lfg and /chjoin global, in hopes I can find groups there.

So new people, who have returned to Wildstar, or just playing it for the first time. Use that dungeontool, just queue up while you are leveling, in hopes it will pop at one point. If we all start doing it, it will start to be worth it again, the queue times will get lower if we all just sign up!

Hopefully the F2P will help, with more people coming back too.


I have been thinking about making a video, while I have not improved on my plot much since I posted my blog post the other day, I decided I wanted to make a video anyways, since I had the time. I included the plot of my medic as well, which I don’t play. I haven’t played it since launch. Medic is also a low level, around 30 I think, so her plot is not filled up with tons of items either, but I did build her a cabin way back.

So let’s take a look? It’s a short video, only a few minutes. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Housing video, Wildstar

    1. Hehe, well it’s been a while since I built it. Yeah I like my porch ! Don’t play that medic anymore, so I wanted the same porch for my Esper, which I do play 😀 Thanks for watching!


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