A gamer was born

One day, the doorbell rang, and it was my best friend. She was standing there with a box in her hand.

“Happy Birthday” she said, and handed over the box. I looked at the box with curiosity, for one I didn’t usually get gifts like that, and second I didn’t quite know what it was. Turned out to be a game.

World of Warcraft was the first mmo I have ever played, first time I actually ever heard of something even called an MMO. I didn’t quite understand what it was. I knew it was a game, but other then that I had noe clue.

I had not even heard of Blizzard or Warcraft, I was that clueless. I had hardly played any games on PC.

My friend left straight after giving me the box, so I went into my room and got the CD’s out and installed the game.

I remember I was very excited and curious, I was going through that little book you got with the box, reading up on stuff while the game was installing. I had not seen any commercials or knew nothing off it, other then it was suppose to be something amazing, because my friends brother had said so, heh.

I started the game, making an undead, it was a warrior. I stood in deathknell, not understanding anything. I saw some pink text coming my way, saying “Hello”.

What the hell was that? I had no idea how to reply, if it was for me, or what it meant.  The pink text kept on coming and I understood it was for me, but I had no idea how to reply. I just stood there smashing buttons. After a while the text explained to me how to reply and I could finally talk to the person. It was obviously my friend who bought the game.

Next thing I remember is that I was having to log off a while later. I asked my friend “How do I save this game?”

Well obviously I didn’t need to do such things. She said “Oh you don’t need to save, it’s all online, you can just log out” Something along those lines anyways. I didn’t understand how that was suppose to work, but I logged of anyways. And when I logged back on, I was at the same spot as where I logged out.

I don’t remember much after that.

I quickly found out that a warrior was not for me though, I died a lot, it was difficult. After all, I was used to playing games like final fantasy, and WoW was nothing like that at all. Not a menu to chose spells from or anything. just buttons on a bar.

I made a hunter, named Sugarpie, for some reason a big ass tauren male. Stomping away, my tail swagging. Man I loved that tauren. I remember the amazement I had when I got to level 10 and could tame a pet. I was so excited. It was a wolf if I remember correctly. Names Honeybunch. So there I was, a big cow named Sugarpie with a wolf named Honeybunch.

Why those names? Well I had a song stuck in my head at that time, a guy I was talking to had sent me this song.

This was my main for a long time, I even remember my first epic, it dropped in Scholomance and it was shoulder. The whole group looked at the shoulder item in amazement, we had not seen many purple items. Suddenly everyone said, “They should go to Tine(my name) she is a hunter, she can use those” And suddenly I stood there with a fancy purple item, I remember I felt so happy and amazed, that I got them, it was the first epic I had ever seen

I raided with it, got asked by the top guild on the server to join. They were all Norwegian, but elitist and all boys. I was there for a month or so when I decided, no thank you, I will rather go else where. And then I joined Omen. The second best guild on the server. And I found my home, I got my unique Bow/staff and Quiver and I felt so proud. There was not many who had that at the time, and I had a hell of a hard time getting it as well. The quest was difficult.

I had to kill 3 or 4 npc’s around different parts of the world. And without a pet. I had to kite those bosses around, using wing clip, traps, bow and going melee. I had to do it solo, with no one in a group. I did have a hard time doing those quests, so I got the help of a fellow guildy and fellow norwegian to finish it off. We stayed up all night, he logged on to my account and tried killing the npc in Silithus. Eventually we did it, I can’t remember if it was my friend or I who actually ended up killing the npc, but I remember we used a lot of time finishing of that quest. I know I killed most of the NPC’s myself but I think that one in SIlithus proved to hard for me and my friend did it for me.

I remember a “doh” moment I had while leveling up. I was in Tarren Mill, I stood there, I had died a lot and wondered if it was suppose to be that damn difficult. I then realized, hey my hunter can actually taunt and tank… It was a fun moment, I had run around kiting stuff around all that time when I didn’t need to, my pet could actually keep the mob stand still.

Eventually I grew tired of the hunter, I wanted to support more. I decided to level another character. And healing Missy was born. She made a troll priest, named Dimsum. From there on out, I have been a healer. Ever since 2005, heals, heals everywhere.

Blaugust day 26

What is Blaugust? Check it at Bel‘s blog


7 thoughts on “A gamer was born

  1. It’s a great feeling when you get a hold of a game without knowing anything about it and it turns out to be a great game. No hype build up, no waiting, just great game right now.

    Also, thanks for embedding that great oldie song.

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    1. Yeah, there was not so much of an information overflow when I was younger, so doing in with no expectations is often the best way. I do that with movies, I never watch trailers or anything. I just pick movies and watch them, sometimes I get a really nice surprise. Often I don’t though haha 😀 And your welcome for the video^^

      Liked by 1 person

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