Laptop, it’s aliiiiive!

Blaugust day 25

What is Blaugust? Check it at Bel‘s blog

Hell yeah, laptop is up and running again. I ordered my hard drive on Saturday, yesterday it arrived, awesome stuff. I even put it in the laptop myself! I’m that awesome 😛

I have gotten most things installed that I needed, drivers for this and that. Installed my Manga Studio, Wildstar is ready to be launched, and obviously I am online! Since I got my laptop up and running, and I had tons of things to download yesterday, I decided to get some sketching done. This time, since I am playing a lot of Wildstar, I wanted to give an Aurin a try. It is my first aurin drawing, and it’s not done. This is just a test run, I want to make it better before I start coloring it.

test auring sketch

On another note, I am not going to install Win 10 anytime soon. As my hard drive got pushed over the top and had a melt down after installing it, my BF’s harddrive was suddenly getting an error, and he had to reinstall everything, safe to say, I will be sticking win Win 8 for the time being.

I still have not gotten WoW downloaded, probably getting that done tonight, let it download while I sleep.


Today I had the first therapy meeting since before summer, I was a bit nervous before I went, but quickly calmed down when I got there. Seems my group sessions are not starting untill the end of Semptember so it’s going to be a bit of a wait. But that is fine, as long as I have a spot there.

After the meeting today, we went down to the city and bought shoes for BF, yes he got two pairs, I had to convince him to get two pairs because he ruins his shoes way to fast. Hopefully they will last a bit longer now.

After the shopping we went to a place called Volume for some food. I had BBQ chicken with fries, salad and some sort of garlic thingy on the side. It was really nice.


And after that, we went to the book store for a cup of coffee, I had a cappuchino, yummo. It was really nice, we had a good time. Nice to do something else then sit at home, being locked inside these 4 walls.


Oh yeah, we also bought some coffee beans as we have a grinder and a french press/ cafetière, and I am excited to try some new coffee. I love grinding up that coffee in the morning, and it smell so damn nice!

Okay, I want to play some games now, so cya!

Oh and yeah, my aurin changed her hair color! BLUE!! RRRAWR…



10 thoughts on “Laptop, it’s aliiiiive!

  1. Glad you got your laptop working again. Sorry to hear about the Windows 10 troubles. I haven’t had much problems, but hardware can widely range from computer to computer.


    1. My hard drive already had issues, so it’s not all win 10’s fault. But since BF also ran into trouble, I think I will stay away till win 10 is more stable. I am sure I can survive with win 8 for a while 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m giving windows 10 a little more time too before putting it on my main gaming computer. Let them stamp out a few more bugs and all.

        Liked by 1 person

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