Making progress on my house, Wildstar

Blaugust day 24

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Anook | Blaugust

Yesterday I decided to remove the little I had built on the castle and start over. I remembered that I built something on my Medic last time I played, and I really liked it. So I just tried to do something similar on my esper. I built a porch/veranda, whatever you want to call it. And plan on building a house from scratch later on when I get the materials I need.

Aurin Esper, pointing

I saw Gypsy’s post yesterday and was entertained – I also fancy making a video to put on youtube of my house at a later date, but right now I don’t have many items so it’s kind of an empty plot, and that wouldn’t really be such an interesting video I think. So I will have to continue my journey, do lots of quests and events to get some more items to put down. But I can show you what I have done so far, it’s pretty similar to what I did on my Medic’s house so some people might actually recognize it, if they remember that far back 😛

My plot, veranda pic 6

I also got a new dye I really love, Deep Space! Now I only need an outfit to go with the color 😛 I don’t have many cool colors yet, I am only level 18 but hopefully I will find some more soon.

Holo Wardrobe

I want to change the hair style and color, but at this level it is very expensive, not like the barbershop in WoW at all. It only costs 40 gold to change hair color and style, but at my level that is a lot. I was lucky enough to sell some crap on the Auction house and actually have 50 gold now, and at a higher level 40 gold is nothing. But at this level? It’s a lot of money, so I have to wait with changing my hair, even though I reaaaaally want to. I fancy blue hair, hairstyle I am not sure of yet, so I guess it’s okay that i can’t afford it right now anyways. I will just have to play around with the Chop Shop until I have decided!

Character Chop Shop

I changed my profession from Architect to Tailor, I am not sure why. Perhaps I wanted to make myself more outfits? Seems like a valid reason to me :p But it’s going really slow. I don’t like that I have to actually buy certain things to be able to craft. I don’t want to spend my money on crafting right now, rather use it on my housing. Architect would turn out to be a hell of a lot more expensive. Either you need to buy tons of stuff, or have an army of alts who can gather for you. I might pick it up again at level 50, but for now, I better save my money. They are not that easy to come by at the moment.

One thing that bothers me right now, is that the Adventure Queues don’t pop up. I was in a queue for over an hour yesterday and no adventure. I am worried because I need to learn how to heal in this game, and how can I do that when I can’t pvp or do any dungeons/adventures? I don’t want to be level 50 before I do a proper dungeon, that is going to be a scary sight. I really hope it gets better in a few levels cause I really want to learn my esper.

Anyways, I want to play now, so I am going to sign off there. Meanwhile you can enjoy some Aurin stew.

Aurin stew


5 thoughts on “Making progress on my house, Wildstar

  1. Hello there 🙂
    You have 50 gold? That’s a lot for me- i’m just short of 5 myself. But i think it’s great that Wildstar makes you think about how to spend the ingame currency. Of course, they have to, with their CREDD-system in place.

    If you’re on Jabbit, feel free to add me to your friendslist: you’ll find me as Nooria Mersault.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am on jabbit. I shall add you. Well i had some alts and just sold everything they had. So i had one plat. At 68 gold now. 🙂 I am glad money is worth something. In wow gold is no issue and rather boring.


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