Entering Galeras, Wildstar

Blaugust day 23

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Anook | Blaugust

Yesterday I was home alone for the first time in a couple of months, and man oh man I needed it. I have been on the verge of going insane wanting to hit something lately.

I need some alone time sometimes, and when it goes such a long time without never being alone, you slowly go insane.

I didn’t do much, I watched an insanely bad horror movie, which I shall not name. It was bad, bad, bad. After that I played some Wildstar, started on my housing.

Making a castle proves to be more difficult then I thought, especially since I don’t have much gold to use. Seems money don’t start pouring in until you hit level 50, and I don’t plan on hitting 50 for a while. I am enjoying taking it really slow, doing quests that are grey for me, and exploring.


I think I will have to read up on some lore or something about the Aurin / Esper, maybe make something around that instead. Cause the castle might turn out to be a bust. best thing to do would probably to try and build a house instead within a forest perhaps.

Today I finished off Celestion, still missing one explorer mission as I didn’t find it. But I will look again at a later date. I have just entered Galeras now, and quests are at my level now, I am 16, quests are level 15.


So they are easy enough. I like the quest being green, means it don’t take ages to kill mobs. I like to kill faster, rather then going a couple of levels higher, just to get more xp. I am in no rush anyways, so doesn’t matter. I like smooth sailing, if that means green quests, then be it.

At the moment Galeras is a war zone, I’m in a war guys!!


I have opened up the first adventure as well, but the queue has been very long so I guess I will try again tonight. I am in no rush, right now healing is a bit clunky as I have not bothered installing any addons whatsoever. Maybe tomorrow. I am lazy. Guess I need to find some guides to figure out what kind of addons is useful for a healer, and for this game in general.

I haven’t taken many screenshots today, been to busy enjoying the game, but here I am ready to take on the war and kick some butt on my trusted steed.

Going to war


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