Dear Deer!

Blaugust day 22

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Anook | Blaugust

Today is the first day I am not super eager to write, well I want to write but I am kind of empty. This is because I am very tired as we went to visit Eirik’s dad yesterday. Usually when we visit someone, we are gone for 2 hours or something tops. I like short visits, but yesterday we were gone for 6 hours. That kind of drained me.

And on the way home, we decided to take a different route home from Eirik’s dad. We took the old road instead of the highway, it’s a nice road to drive, we can see more nature. But half way home, something jumped out in front of our car. I gasped really loud, held on tight to the seat and got ready for impact. Eirik tried to turn over to the side, turning to the other side of the road but with no luck.

We heard a loud bang!

It was a deer that just jumped straight out in the road, in front of our car. There was nothing we could do about it, if a deer starts running, it doesn’t back up, it just keeps running straight forward. I thought it went under the car, Eirik thought it ran away to the side of the road.

We stopped, and the first thing I said was, call the police.

Eirik took his phone, and called his dad. As Eirik’s dad is a hunter, he knows who to call when it comes to road accidents and animals. But before we knew it some local man stopped his car by us and asked what was going on. We explained and the man called something called Viltnemda (norwegian), I think it can be called something like Wilderness Services, or something like park rangers? Then we called the police. We call the police to report the incident because of insurance issues etc.

We searched by the side of the road for a while, but we found nothing. There was no bump on the car, no blood on the road, and no traces of the animal. So we decided it was time to go home, and count our self lucky that we were all safe.

A deer isn’t a very big animal, I think we hit it in the body, instead of legs. But they are fragile animals, so most likely it did not have a happy ending. We did leave, knowing someone would come and search the forest nearby with dogs, we haven’t heard anything, and don’t think they would message us either way. I just hope it wasn’t lying in the forest with lots of pains. Who knows, maybe it was super lucky and only got a little bump in the head.

At least what I took from this was that I can remain calm if something happens, I talk a bit loud but I can think. Eirik acted calm too. It could have gone a hell of a lot worse, having the deer end up on the hood, or crashing the window but it all went as good as it could.


5 thoughts on “Dear Deer!

  1. Oooof, hitting a deer is not a fun experience. They’re pretty common where I live, and I’ve had some close calls even though I try to be careful. Glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been!

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  2. Deer are really common where I live, especially around my hometown, and I’ve seen too many lying dead on the side of the road. Like Murphy, I’ve never hit one myself but many in my extended family have and quite a few cars were totalled (no one’s been serious injured yet) so it sound like you were pretty lucky.

    I’ve taken to avoiding driving near dawn or dusk if I can, simply because that’s when they’re most active.


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