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Blaugust day 21

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Anook | Blaugust

As you know, I am playing a bit of Wildstar. And so far I am actually having fun, yep, fun!

We will see how many days that lasts hehe.

I have tried doing many different things, not to get stuck in that quest train. Doing to many quests at a time does make me a bit bored and very tired. This game does make me  more tired then other games, so smaller doses of it, is the way to go for me.

Aurin butt

I have been having loads of fun doing my path – explorer. Finding different paths up the mountains, some caves, digging in the dirt, and putting down flags. It’s actually very fun, I enjoy it very much and it’s making my journey a lot more interesting then when I had the Science path. That was a pretty dull experience for me, just scanning tons of things with my little robot thing wasn’t fun at all.

Explorer putting down flag wildstar

I tried the first dungeon that opens up at 10, at least I think it was the dungeon – Protogames Academy.

It’s sort of a tutorial for dungeons, shows you that you have to work like a team. It was very fun. And it seems very necessary to have a tutorial like that as well.

The first encounter is a boss, which needs 3 interrupts I think. It needs more then one anyways, and even though the npc that talked to us when we started the boss, told us what we needed to do, it took many deaths before we actually did it. I kept telling people to put an interrupt on their bar, but for some reason we just kept dying. I suspect they didn’t actually speak English some of them. Because the NPC told us loud and clear we needed to interrupt as a group, and so did I, we had to do many tries before we did it. Reason this tutorial was good, was because if you didn’t interrupt, it was instant death, there was no going around it. Which shows the importance of interrupts and paying attention. At the second boss there was interrupts and red spots on the ground, this also took ages to do. Because still, not all of us had an interrupt on our bar, and there was always someone dying to the red on the floor. So even if some of us was making it through the red stuff, we ended up not having enough interrupts.

After dying about 10 times, we made it through without anyone dying, without people actually taking damage at all, so people did learn something there.

We made it till the end, last boss, it wasn’t all that difficult, it was a tutorial after all, but this time we had to figure out things for our selves. Well, I did anyways, I told them we needed to interrupt the boss when he did aoe, and after a few goes, people got it, and the boss died, instance cleared.

I am really happy there is a tutorial dungeon, it keeps focus on some important things that obviously some people don’t know/expect. But after they have been in that dungeon, I think they all will know the importance of moving around and working as a team.

Last boss adventure

So good on Wildstar for adding this.

I have reached level 15 now, and have started my professions, I picked up architect and survivalist, which means I cut down trees and make items for housing. It’s suppose to be one of the slower once to level because you need items from so many gathering professions, but I like housing and want tons of stuff 😛 So that’s why I picked it. It’s going to take a long time leveling it, but I like that.

I have not gone to the main city yet, even though I can now, and get my house. I want to finish Celestion first (the map i’m at), I fear if I leave now, with so little things left to do there, I will never finish it. I want to finish all the quests and the explorer things before I leave, then I will move to Thayd and get my beloved house. I am really excited to get my plot, even though I wont be able to do much with it yet since I don’t have any money and much to put up for my house, but it will be nice to get started. I haven’t planned out what I want to do with my plot yet, but I want to do a lot! Think I want to try and build a castle, if there is materials for that, bricks and such. I want it to be my castle, and have my own throne, mwhahaha.

I got a new throne

I will leave you with a gallery of screenshots from my trip so far. I have traveled in almost all nooks in this map now, only a small portion to go.

Oh and I have finally been able to order a hard drive for my laptop, hope to get it next week so I can fix it up again, I miss my laptop so hope it will get fixed asap! Then I will start drawing again as well 😀 Really looking forward to that.


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