Gaming and personality profile of Missy

Blaugust day 20

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Anook | Blaugust

At the start of Blaugust I saw Stylish Corps post about a gaming profile from Quantic Foundry. And after some time now there have been other doing this test as well, I can’t remember everyone at the top of my head right now, I do remember Syl doing it also. I apologize for the others I don’t link to but I cannot remember right now, I know I have read a few more about this profile.

Anyways, here is mine. It doesn’t take long at all to do, you just click on the second star on the front page from the link I have given , beside the star it says

If you’re a gamer, try out the new Gamer Motivation Profile.

You can just click that link as well instead if you wish.

Foundry gaming profile

Am I surprised? No, not that surprised, just a tad when it comes to community. I used to think that was me, but not anymore. Guess I haven’t really changed much. Guess I care more for community then I think. I thought I had changed and that community didn’t matter that much to me anymore, but it does. And I will probably notice in a while when I have run solo for a good time. But the community part doesn’t necessarily mean I want to chat and talk all the time, I think it can also mean that I just like group play. And I do, I love healing, and to be able to heal, what do I need? Yep, other people.

And I love dungeons, and dungeons is nothing without other players around me.

I almost maxed out Design and Discovery, games mentioned under this category was a few games I actually do play, like Minecraft. I like to go around the map, checking if there are actual things to discover, things that I can do, move, click on. Find hidden caves even if there is nothing in them.

Other games that was mentioned was Final Fantasy,and World of Warcraft. Games I play or have played, but to be fair, I have played a lot of different games.

Design doesn’t surprise me a lot, I like to put some time into making my character and getting outfits.

What it does say on percentiles is that people who score higher or on the lower end, represents a smaller proportion of gamers and may have a harder time being satisfied by available games (which tries to capture more average gamers within their genres) Yes, I can believe that, it’s not easy to satisfy me when it comes to games, which is why I end up hopping around a lot because while one game excels at one thing, they miss the other. So I have to play many different games to satisfy that one itch here and there.

I also took the personality test. Nothing new there, I’ve taken enough of them going through a bunch of papers through therapy so I kind of knew the outcome.

personality profile

Personality profile2

That’s it for statistics and words, I leave you with a picture of my aurin which is now level 11 yeah!!!

casting spell, esper aurin


2 thoughts on “Gaming and personality profile of Missy

  1. Nice pic. I took the test and it made me laugh when it said I was agressive, and that only hit up around 20% because I clicked on liking guns and explosives in game. Pfft, as if I’d use them.. pfft… silly game.

    Liked by 1 person

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